HVAC System Duct Sizing, Air Flow, & Indoor Air Quality Workshop

This two-day workshop is focused on the heating and cooling systems in residential and commercial applications. The proper sizing and installation of ductwork in buildings is governed by the type of HVAC system employed, construction details of the building, individual room loads, entire building load, the size of the HVAC equipment, and the pressure drop in the duct system created by friction and components within the duct system.

Attendees in this workshop will perform load estimating procedures in order to determine proper ductwork sizing and design, and use a duct calculator. With a complete understanding of the fundamentals of load estimating and duct sizing, new equipment can be properly sized and installed, and existing equipment that is not performing efficiently can be evaluated, allowing for necessary air flow adjustments, air balancing, and duct modifications and repairs. The topics of temperature rise in forced air heating systems and proper air flow relative to the safe and efficient operation of these systems is also covered in this workshop.


  • Facility Maintenance Technicians Whose Responsibilities Include HVAC Systems
  • HVACR Installation and Service Technicians
  • Facility Maintenance Supervisors and Administrators Who Direct Facility Maintenance and want to Implement Energy-Saving Programs


  • Understanding The Balance of Air Flow & Refrigeration Systems
  • Determining & Calculating Temperature Rise In Forced Air Heating Systems
  • Load Estimating Fundamentals, Building Insulation, Heat Loss & Heat Gain
  • Evaluating Duct Systems For Proper Air Flow
  • Maintenance Procedures & PM Programs That Ensure Indoor Air Quality
  • Reducing Plenum, Extended Plenum, Radial, and Perimeter Loop Systems
  • Proper Sizing & Installation of Ducts For Optimum HVAC System Performance
  • Methods of Measuring Duct Pressure
  • Understanding Friction Rate, Pressure Drop and Total Effective Length Calculations
  • Using A Duct Calculator To Determine Supply and Return Duct Sizing
  • The Effects of Undersized and Oversized Duct Systems
  • The Effects of Duct Leakage On Heating & Cooling Systems
  • Mold and Indoor Air Quality Issues



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