Appliance Servicing Workshop For Facility Maintenance Staff

This two-day workshop is designed for maintenance personnel who are responsible for the preventive maintenance, servicing, troubleshooting and repairing of residential appliances, such as refrigerators and freezers and gas and electric ranges. The explanation of specific refrigeration and electrical systems, and their components, is emphasized throughout the workshop, with an emphasis on troubleshooting and repair. Workbooks that descriptively explain and show in detail the operation of refrigeration and electrical components are used throughout the workshop, and taken home for use on the job. Participants will have the opportunity to test components and learn systematic troubleshooting procedures for appliance service maintenance and repair.

What You Will Learn In This Workshop

DAY ONE: 8AM to 4:30PM,DAY TWO: 8AM to Noon

  • Refrigeration System Fundamentals Review
  • Refrigeration Systems Applied To Domestic Appliances
  • Refrigeration System Accessing Procedures For Refrigerators
  • EPA Certification Requirements For System Servicing
  • Servicing & PM Requirements For Refrigerators
  • Air Flow Problems & Refrigeration System Performance
  • Pictorial & Schematic Wiring Diagrams For Domestic Refrigerators
  • Relays, Overloads, Timers and Fan Motors In Refrigerators
  • Refrigeration System Compressor Troubleshooting
  • Servicing & PM Requirements For Gas & Electric Ranges
  • Reading Major Appliance Ladder Diagrams
  • Replacing Bake Elements, Surface Units & Switches In Electric Ranges
  • Replacing Spark Ignition Modules and Hot Surface Igniters In Gas Ranges
  • Adjusting Burners In Gas Ranges & Understanding Carbon Monoxide & Air Mix

What You Will Be Able To Do After Attending This Workshop

  • Use Digital Meters To Test And Evaluate Electrical Components
  • Understand How To Use Gauges To Evaluate Refrigeration Systems
  • Troubleshoot Electrical Problems Using Schematic Diagrams
  • Understand Proper Procedures For Electrical Parts Replacement In Appliances

Who Should Attend:

  • Maintenance personnel who work in housing departments and need to know how to troubleshoot and service refrigerators and gas and electric ranges
  • Maintenance personnel who work in schools, hospitals, casinos, or other commercial buildings, and need to maintain and repair appliances
  • Facility managers and supervisors desiring a background in residential appliance servicing in order to supervise work crews
  • Maintenance personnel who work in a non-electrical and refrigeration department and want to cross train to perform service and maintenance on appliances.



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Appliance Repair Training Information


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Appliance Repair Training Information
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