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Servicing Gas and Electric Furnaces & Heat Pumps And Combustion Analysis Certification

Three-day Heating Systems Workshop

Servicing Gas and Electric Furnaces & Heat Pumps And Combustion Analysis Certification


This workshop is designed for maintenance personnel who are responsible for the installation, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of LP or natural gas furnaces, electric furnaces, and heat pumps. Information on how to properly install, maintain, and troubleshoot forced air heating equipment is covered in step-by-step detail. The topics of proper air flow in heating equipment, how to identify and solve duct problems, safety, and proper use of test and service equipment related to servicing gas and electric furnaces and heat pumps are demonstrated. This workshop also prepares technicians to accomplish a multiple-choice exam on carbon monoxide and combustion analysis certification.

An interactive, take-home workbook that visually and descriptively explains how to test components, use wiring diagrams, and diagnose heating equipment problems, is issued to each participant for use during the workshop, and also serves as a reference manual for use later on the job.


What You’ll Learn In This Workshop                  

  • Installation Considerations for Furnaces & Heat Pumps
  • Proper Air Flow in Heating Equipment
  • Combustion, Vent and Heat Exchange System Inspection in Gas Furnaces
  • Schematic Diagrams and Troubleshooting Heating Equipment Problems
  • Gas Valves, Transformers, Limit Switches, Thermostats & Fan Switches
  • Multiple Speed & Variable Speed Motors in HVACR Equipment
  • Burner and Air Adjustments & Combustion Analysis for Gas Furnaces
  • Fundamentals of Heating Equipment Schematic Diagrams
  • Testing Gas Heating Equipment Electrical Components
  • Using Troubleshooting Flow Charts and Diagrams
  • Spark, Hot Surface, and Ignition Control Systems
  • Heating Elements, Sequencers, & Time Delays in Heating Equipment
  • Refrigeration & Air Flow Systems in Heat Pumps
  • Checking & Charging Heat Pump Refrigeration Systems
  • Electrical Systems in Heat Pumps


Who Should Attend:

  • Maintenance personnel who work in residential housing, schools, hospitals, or other commercial buildings and are responsible for gas and electric furnace and heat pump maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Maintenance workers in non-HVAC maintenance departments who want to cross-train to perform forced air heating systems repair and maintenance.
  •  Maintenance technicians who work in residential or commercial buildings and need to be certified in carbon monoxide safety procedures.
  • Facility managers and supervisors desiring a background in HVACR maintenance in order to supervise work crews


On the final day of this three-day workshop, participants will accomplish a multiple-choice exam on carbon monoxide safety and combustion analysis certification.


Workshop Schedule: Day One and Two, 8AM to 4PM, Day Three 8AM to Noon

About Your Instructor:

Jim Johnson has both a formal education and real-world, hands-on work experience in HVACR servicing and maintenance. He holds multiple certifications in carbon monoxide safety and combustion analysis. He has written four textbooks and written and presented more than 50 technician training videos for HVACR technicians. Adult education is his specialty, and he consistently receive high marks for his ability to explain and simplify concepts, allowing technical and maintenance personnel to put the information they learn to work in a practical way in their job.