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Mission Statement Workshop

A Customer Service Workshop For Service Organizations


This workshop is designed to assist businesses in the development of a mission statement for their organization. As either a follow-up workshop to Jim Johnson’s PEAK Performance Program, or as a stand-alone workshop, the program time frame is ½ day and is provided on-site at or near a business location.

The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for an organization to work together to develop and refine a mission statement, then put that statement into practice to allow both individual and organizational growth and development.

Larry Bergo of Box Appliance in San Diego had this to say about the workshop: “For years we struggled for the right mission statement. Jim’s program guided us, as a whole company, to a mission statement that is most appropriate for what we do. The real benefit is that the whole company participated in its development, bringing focus to what we are all about as a service provider.”

For more information on The Mission Statement Workshop, contact Johnson at Technical Training Associates, HC 70 Box 3172, Sahuarita, AZ 85629; Phone (520) 625-6847 or via e-mail