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Hands-On HVACR Electrical System Troubleshooting


This 2-day workshop, which includes a fundamentals overview and information on advanced troubleshooting concepts is designed for service technicians and facility maintenance personnel who are responsible for maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting of residential and light commercial air-conditioning and heating systems. Eighty-five percent of the problems related to HVACR systems are electrically related, and there are two basic philosophies related to electrical troubleshooting:

1. HVACR electrical system troubleshooting is a process of systematically eliminating the possibilities.

2. With an understanding of what “right” is in the first place, a technician can determine what is wrong with an air conditioning system when it stops functioning.

Possessing the skills to troubleshoot and diagnose electrical problems related to compressors, motors, elements and electric ignition systems is a must for facility maintenance and service technicians. In this workshop, participants will wire circuits, use diagrams to troubleshoot electrical problems, and test electrical components.

Included in this 2-day workshop is a detailed and illustrated take-home workbook that visually and descriptively explains how to perform HVACR electrical system troubleshooting. This information can be used later as reference material when performing on-the-job maintenance.



  • Introduction
  • Using Your Workbooks Now and Later On
  • Electrical Fundamentals Review
  • Electrical Safety
  • Proper Use Of Test Equipment
  • Schematic Diagram Fundamental Review
  • Electrical Component Testing and Diagnosis
  • Electrical System Troubleshooting Overview
  • Electric Motor Operation, Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
  • Troubleshooting Contactors, Relays and Transformers
  • Cooling Thermostats
  • Start and Run Capacitors
  • Wiring A PSC Compressor Circuit
  • Adding A Condenser Fan Motor To A Circuit

DAY TWO: 8AM to Noon

  • Adding A Potential Relay and Start Capacitor To A Circuit
  • Adding An Indoor Fan Motor To A Circuit
  • Understanding Electronic Control Systems In HVACR Equipment


  • Technicians who need to understand how to troubleshoot and service electrical systems in residential and light commercial air-conditioning equipment
  • Maintenance personnel who work in schools, hospitals, casinos, or other commercial buildings and need to troubleshoot electrical problems in HVACR equipment.