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Hands-on Electrical Wiring & Equipment Maintenance

Two-Day Workshop

 Hands-on Electrical Wiring & Equipment Maintenance


This hands-on workshop provides real-world training in wiring receptacles, switches and lighting in residential and commercial applications, troubleshooting electrical systems, and motors and pumps. Workplace safety and adhering to the NEC (National Electric Code) requirements is emphasized and integrated into each hands-on wiring project, as well as instruction on a green approach to evaluating electrical systems and components to ensure maximum energy savings. All necessary hand tools and equipment needed to accomplish the hands-on wiring projects are provided for use during the workshop.

An interactive, take-home workbook that is issued to each participant for use during the workshop, also serves as a reference manual for use later on the job.


  •  Housing authority maintenance workers who maintain and repair electrical systems or accomplish building re-habs and upgrades of residences
  • Maintenance technicians whose responsibilities include servicing and maintaining commercial facilities such as schools, hospitals and offices
  • Facility maintenance supervisors desiring a background in electrical maintenance to supervise work crews and implement energy-saving programs



Both Days: 8AM to 4PM

  • National Electric Code Requirements, Proper Wire Size & Electrical Safety Practices
  • Troubleshooting Voltage Drop Problems In Circuits
  • Cutting, Stripping and Making Proper Wiring Connections
  • Wiring Standard Switch and Light Circuits
  • Wiring Receptacles, Split Receptacles & Switch Legs
  • Wiring Multiple Three-Way and Four-Way Switches In Lighting Circuits
  • Evaluating Electrical Systems & Making Repairs To Eliminate Energy Waste
  • Troubleshooting Motors, Checking Voltage & Amp Draw
  • Testing & Evaluating Circuit Breakers To Ensure A “Green” Electrical System
  • Proper Use of Test Equipment: Using Digital Meters To Troubleshoot
  • Cost-Effective, “Green” Electrical System Maintenance & Repairs



Jim Johnson has more than three decades of work experience in building and electrical maintenance, HVAC system troubleshooting & maintenance motor and equipment maintenance and troubleshooting, and is an experienced workshop leader. He holds multiple technician certifications in green technology, and is certified as an energy auditor. His specialty is adult education and he consistently receives high marks from workshop attendees for his ability to simplify concepts and explain troubleshooting and service procedures.