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Green Technician Certification Workshop

Green Technician Certification Workshop

This three-day workshop is specifically focused on Green Technology Concepts for personnel who are responsible for maintenance and repairs in residential and commercial buildings.

Maintenance technicians employed by housing authorities can inspect residences and identify energy-wasting situations that can be corrected through cost-saving repairs and building up-grades. And, through implementation of their understanding of green buildings and proper use of test equipment to evaluate structures overall, and the building electrical and heating & air conditioning systems, they can assist in educating residents and helping them to cut their energy costs and maximize their savings on their utility bills.

Facilities maintenance personnel in schools, offices, hospitals, casinos, and other commercial buildings can implement off-peak energy use procedures, and perform inspections and repairs to minimize energy waste and evaluate HVAC systems to ensure they are operating safely and efficiently.

Attendees in this workshop will prepare for and accomplish a multiple-choice exam. Achieving a passing score earns a professional level technician certification in green technology.


  • Housing authority maintenance workers who maintain electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems or accomplish building re-habs and upgrades of residences
  • Maintenance technicians whose responsibilities include servicing and maintaining commercial facilities such as schools, hospitals and offices
  • Facility maintenance supervisors and administrators who direct facility maintenance and want to implement energy-saving programs


All Three Days: 8AM To 4PM

  • Energy Analysis and Awareness
  • Fundamentals Of Performing An Energy Audit
  • Using Test Equipment To Evaluate Building Insulation, Heat Loss & Heat Gain
  • Performing Building Upgrades, Insulating and Sealing To Conserve Energy
  • Evaluating Electrical Systems & Making Repairs To Eliminate Waste
  • Comfort Cooling Methods and Green Alternatives
  • Comfort Heating Methods and Green Alternatives
  • Evaluating HVAC Systems and Appliances: Determining Operating Efficiency
  • Building Tightness, Installing and Upgrading Ventilation Systems
  • Green Buildings and Indoor Air Quality Issues
  • High Efficiency Plumbing Fixtures
  • Evaluating and Upgrading Lighting Systems To Save Energy
  • Duct Sizing and Proper Air Flow In HVAC Systems
  • Finding and Solving Air Flow Problems In Duct Systems
  • Green Technician Certification Exam Preparation
  • Green Technician Certification Testing