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Facility Management: Supervisory Skills and Leadership Workshop



Two-Day Workshop

This workshop is designed for administrators, supervisors, facility maintenance managers, and service managers who need to supervise technical and non-technical personnel in a business, government, or customer service environment. Facilitated in an interactive, down-to-earth, practical way, participants will be using a specially prepared workbook that they will take with them for use as a reference and application manual. This method of instruction enables those who attend the workshop to implement the procedures and practices they learn about in their own work environment, and pass the information on to those who work with them.

Workshop Agenda:


Supervising & Managing With Leadership

Making Decisions and Delegating Tasks

Effective Interviewing & Hiring Practices

Conducting Effective Employee Performance Reviews

Implementing Effective Employee Reward Programs

Documenting Incidents: Legal Management Issues

Dealing With Unacceptable Employee Behavior

Communication Skills and Motivation

Being An Effective Mentor and Coach

Team Building and Achieving A Positive Attitude

Managing From The Middle

Developing Organizational Skills

Conducting Meetings, Effective Presentation Skills

Purchasing Duties, Simplifying Writing Reports & Letters

Project Management Fundamentals

What You Will Be Able To Do After Attending This Workshop

…Resolve Employee Performance Problems

…Delegate, Communicate, and Use Discipline Effectively

…Get Others To Motivate Themselves (You Can’t Do It For Them)

…Transform Divided Workgroups or Departments Into A Working Team

…Deal Directly and Constructively With Negativity

…Lead By Letting People Know Exactly What You Stand For (and Won’t!)

…Manage Multiple Projects, Keep On Schedule & Meet Deadlines


Who Should Attend

….Administrative personnel whose responsibilities include supervision.

….Technicians and maintenance personnel who are, or will be, making the transition to a supervisory position.

….Experienced maintenance/service department managers who want to broaden their supervisory skills.

….Office support staff personnel who work directly with technicians and maintenance and service technicians


About Your Instructor:

Jim Johnson’s varied background gives him the unique qualifications necessary to lead this participatory experience for those who work in facility maintenance environments. He worked for more than ten years as a hands-on service and maintenance technician before moving into supervisory positions where he created, managed and directed service and maintenance programs in both individual customer service and institutional settings. Jim understands technicians and maintenance personnel because of his direct experience as a technician and maintenance worker. Experienced for over 20-years as a community college administrator and supervisor, he is an experienced seminar and workshop leader who is well-known nationally for his effective communication skills and his ability to tailor each workshop to ensure that individuals and groups get the most from their investment of time and money.