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A/C System Servicing & R-410A Certification Workshop

Two-day Workshop

(Includes R-410A Certification and Take-Home Workbook To Use Later On The Job.)

This training experience explores the fundamentals of maintaining, troubleshooting and servicing air conditioning systems from a nuts and bolts perspective. R-410A technician certification testing is included in this workshop.


  • HVAC/R technicians who service residential and light commercial air-conditioning, heat pumps and refrigeration equipment.
  • Service managers and maintenance supervisors responsible for developing training programs or evaluating HVAC/R technician and facilities maintenance personnel skills.
  • HVAC/R installation technicians planning advancement to service positions.
  • Facilities maintenance personnel.

In the hands-on refrigeration system portion, participants will use gauges and a temperature pressure chart to evaluate operating systems, use recovery equipment, vacuum pumps and re-charge systems.

In the hands-on electrical portion, participants will use digital and analog meters to test electrical system components, and wire actual circuits from schematic diagrams.

As a workshop participant in this hands-on HVAC training workshop you will have the opportunity to build your own personal foundation of understanding of the fundamental concepts of electricity, refrigeration and air flow in comfort cooling systems, then apply that information to develop effective troubleshooting skills. Information on R-22 refrigerant systems, as well as R-410A refrigerant training and certification is included this workshop



Understanding Refrigeration Systems From a Practical Point-of-View

  • Evaporators, compressors, condensers and metering devices
  • Heat Transfer In Refrigeration Systems
  • Heat Pump Refrigeration Systems
  • Refrigerants and Pressures
  • Refrigeration System Accessories

Refrigeration System Troubleshooting Fundamentals

  • Using Gauges
  • Recovering Refrigerants
  • Superheat and Subcooling
  • Evacuating and Dehydrating Systems
  • Low Side Pressures and Temperatures
  • High Side Pressures and Temperatures
  • What To Do If A System Is Overcharged
  • What To Do If A System Is Undercharged
  • Deciding What “Right” Is In The First Place

R-410A Technician Certification

  • R-410A Refrigeration Systems: Comparing R-410A, R-22, and Other Refrigerants
  • R-410A Certification Testing (50 Question, Multiple-Choice Exam)

Air Flow In HVAC/R Systems

  • Ductwork Problems That Affect The HVAC/R System
  • Why Proper Air Flow and Balance Is Important
  • Solving Fundamental Air Balancing Problems
  • A Practical Approach To Psychrometrics