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Facility Management: Preventive Maintenance Workshop

A Two-Day Workshop

This workshop is designed for facility maintenance managers who need to supervise work crews and implement and oversee preventive maintenance programs. Facilitated in an interactive environment, participants will be using a specially prepared workbook that they will take with them for use as a reference and application manual. This method of interactive instruction enables those who attend the workshop to implement the procedures, practices and PM programs they learn about, and also effectively pass the information on to those who work with them.

Workshop Agenda: Day One: 9AM to 4PM, Day Two: 9AM To Noon

Overview Of An Effective PM Program

Dealing Effectively With Common Facility Maintenance Problems

Purchasing Duties: Bidding Practices & Choosing Contractors

Deciding When To Outsource Or Handle A Project In-House

Using GANNT Charts To Manage & Track Projects

Establishing Baselines For PM Program Tracking

Designing & Using Simple Structural Inspection Forms

Inspection & Evaluation Of Plumbing Systems

Inspection & Evaluation Of Electrical Systems

HVACR, Mechanical Systems & Motor Maintenance

Indoor Air Quality Evaluation & Maintenance Procedures

Preventing Mold & Mold Remediation Procedures

Lighting Systems, Facility Safety Issues & PM Programs

Who Should Attend:

….Supervisors with or without a technical background who manage service and maintenance programs in schools, housing authorities, or similar settings

….Maintenance workers and technicians who have come up through the ranks to supervisory or foreman positions

….Maintenance technicians who are looking forward to promotion to supervisory positions

….Technicians and maintenance workers who deal directly with residents or clients in housing or institutional settings

….Office support staff personnel who work directly with technicians and maintenance workers

What You Will Be Able To Do After Attending This Workshop:

….Develop Your Own Custom Maintenance Worksheets

….Plan & Perform Maintenance Work Effectively

….Cut Energy and Repair Costs Through Effective Maintenance

….Establish An Effective PM Program

….Set Up A System To Track Tools, Supplies & Equipment

About Your Workshop Facilitator:

Jim Johnson’s varied background gives him the unique qualifications necessary to lead this participatory experience for those who work in facility maintenance environments. He worked for more than ten years as a hands-on service and maintenance technician before moving into supervisory positions where he created, managed and directed service and maintenance programs in both individual customer service and institutional settings. Jim understands technicians and maintenance personnel because of his direct experience as a supervisor, technician and maintenance worker. Experienced for over 20-years as a community college administrator and supervisor, he is an experienced seminar and workshop leader who is well-known nationally for his masterful communication skills. His specialty is adult education and he consistently receives the highest ratings from those who attend his training and education programs.