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Workshop Comments

“The workbook was good. To have spaces to fill in certainly helps keep us focused. This workshop was very positive and a lot of businesses could use this!”

“This was unique and easy to understand.”

“Nicely researched!”

“I learned more in one day than I have in all the years I’ve spent in the field!”

“An excellent workshop. I can’t believe it! I actually learned something.”

“You make things so easy to understand.”

“This was really good. It’s one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to.

“I liked the whole concept of the workshop. The lecture sessions were great as well as the hands-on training.”

“Very informative, lots of hands on, and Jim was very patient with everyone. Thank You!”

“I liked how Jim broke things down into laymen’s terms. Enjoyed the hands on. Jim was not boring.”

“The instructor explains problems, answers questions and runs the class at a pace so you can catch on and understand.”

“The instructor was easy to understand and helped with problems.”

“Hands on was great. Lecture was great. Great information.:

“Having attended numerous training sessions throughout my military career and through private industry, I can say that this was absolutely the best training workshop I have ever attended.”

“The presenter did a great job of keeping everybody involved.”