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On-Site Hands-On Training

How Do We Get It Done?

How Much Does It Cost?

The answers to the two questions above are: 

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As a facility maintenance supervisor, you face a variety of challenges in keeping residential housing, offices, health clinics and schools, and the equipment and mechanical systems in those buildings, safe and operating properly. One of those challenges is providing training opportunities for maintenance and service technicians, and finding a way to fit the expense into the operating budget.

Training can be an extensive investment for an organization. A workshop fee of $300 or $400 is only the tip of the expense iceberg when travel to "convention cities" like Las Vegas or other larger cities are factored into the total cost. Often, facility maintenance supervisors find that the final cost of a $300 workshop triples due to travel, food and hotel expenses. And that often means that only one or two members of a maintenance staff can attend an out-of-town workshop. The TTA on-site workshop program can help you provide training for an entire staff and cut the expense of training a maintenance technician by 50% or more.

You Can Provide Hands-On Training At Your Site To Provide Maximum Benefit For Your Organization

What we provide for you and your maintenance staff:

Down-to-earth, real-world hands-on training that simplifies concepts, eliminates mysteries, and allows a technician the opportunity to work with both real equipment and specially designed training modules to practice and perfect their hands-on skills in the areas of refrigeration, electrical troubleshooting, furnace servicing and building maintenance.

When we come to your location, we bring all the necessary tools, test equipment, supplies, and workstations needed to accomplish hands-on training. We can also work with your equipment if you prefer. And each person attending the workshop is issued an interactive workbook to use during the workshop, and it serves as a reference manual for use on the job, long after the training workshop is over.

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You Have Options...

We can provide two consecutive workshops or more in any combination you wish at a value-added price, and we can modify our content to fit your specific needs.

1. When you book an on-site training experience for your staff, we bring hands-on training modules to your location, set them up, and facilitate a training session that provides real work experience along with guidance from a workshop leader. We can also include the equipment at your facility and tailor the training for you. 

2. Our standard flat rate fee for a two-day, on-site workshop for up to 15 members of your staff is $4,500.00 when you book two workshops in one calendar week. That includes the training and take-home workbooks for each attendee. If your group is larger than 15, each additional attendee is billed at a rate of $100 per person for the workshop fee.

Take a look at a SAMPLE ON-SITE WORKBOOK.  This particular workbook was used in two workshops presented for the Nashville Housing Authority (for a total of 50 maintenance technicians) on basic electricity and residential wiring. 

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A TTA on-site workshop is an intensive training experience. It begins with a TTA instructor who’s not just an instructor. Our workshops are facilitated by people who have real-life field experience and excellent communication skills, which means that seemingly complex concepts are simplified and easily understood by those who attend our workshops, no matter what their experience level. Our proven training systems that employ an interactive workbook and a hands-on approach to learning means that the training experience will be a success, enabling a technician to put their new skills to work on the job.

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On-Site Workshops Available:

  • Troubleshooting, Servicing & Maintaining Gas Furnaces
  • Hands-on Electrical Wiring & Equipment Maintenance Workshop
  • Hands-on HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Hands-on Refrigeration System Troubleshooting
  • Forced-Air Gas & Electric Furnaces Service & Maintenance
  • Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Analysis Certification Workshop
  • Major Appliance Service and Repair Workshop
  • EPA 608 Refrigerant Handling Certification Workshop
  • Duct Sizing & Indoor Air Quality Workshop
  • Supervisory Skills For Facility Managers Workshop

We can also provide certification testing such as EPA Refrigerant Recovery Certification, Carbon Monoxide Safety or Combustion Analysis Certification for an additional fee. The per person exam processing fees that are assessed by the federal agencies and industry organizations that grade the exams and issue the certifications are $45 for EPA Refrigerant Recovery Certification and $40 for carbon monoxide and  combustion analysis certifications. Call 520-625-6847 for a price quote about specific training workshop needs for your staff.

If your staff needs additional one-day follow-up training in drywall repair, ceramic tile installation, or other building maintenance related issues while we are already on-site for a scheduled two-day workshop, we can arrange that for you too.

How Much Can You Save With On-Site Training?

The math is simple: The typical per person fee for a two-day, open-to-the-public workshop being presented in a city that requires travel to is $295.00.

$295.00 X 20 = $5,900.00

With our flat rate fee of $4,500.00 your value price saves you $1,900.00 per workshop on your tuition fees, and also saves you the cost of travel and other related expenses. And, if you have more than 15 attendees, the additional fee per person to attend is only $100.00.

As an added benefit to your organization, we can work with agencies, housing authorities, and other facilities to use their equipment as part of the hands-on portion of the workshop.

In our Major Appliance Servicing Workshop, for example, if an organization that has a number of refrigerators that are in need of repair and stored in their warehouse, these appliances can be used in the workshop, affording the additional benefit of getting the appliances repaired providing the necessary parts are on hand or can be obtained.

In our HVACR Equipment Servicing or Gas Furnace Maintenance workshops, we can inspect, evaluate, and, when applicable, accomplish necessary preventive maintenance and repairs.

Call us, e-mail us, or get in touch via regular mail...

To discuss your training needs and find out how we can save you and your organization time and money, call (520) 625-6847.

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