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Troubleshooting Is Sometimes So Very Simple

In America, medical doctors see a patient and go through a series of procedures to make a diagnosis. And, HVACR technicians also go through a series of procedures in order to make a diagnosis… other words, troubleshoot to find the source of the problem with a given piece of equipment.

In other cultures, which we would describe as “Third World Countries”, a medical doctor doesn’t accomplish their diagnosis of a patient in the same way we do in America. Instead of of seeing a patient in an office, the doctor moves in with the patient and their family. The simple theory here is that the doctor can observe the patient’s entire life experiences and find out the real root of the problem.

And, sometimes, taking this simple approach can work in troubleshooting an HVACR equipment problem.

As an example, here’s a troubleshooting story that Chuck Peltz of Clermont, Florida shared with us.

“About 20 years ago,  I had a temp job with a national motel chain, servicing their AC units. There was restaurant attached to the motel, and I was approach by the food manager to see if I could find out why they were not able to keep products frozen in the freezers.

I did a quick basic check of the temperatures/pressures, check for dirty evaporator and condenser coils. Nothing seemed unusual at the time I was checking. I stopped by every couple of days to do a quick visual, and the problem was still apparent.

On about the 5th visit at about 2.00 in the afternoon, I noticed that the freezer door was wedged wide open by a wooden chair.

Seated in the chair was a very large, middle-aged female, Southern-type cook, snapping beans and peeling potatoes for the next meal. A casual conversation followed, and I learned that this was an almost daily routine, as the kitchen was ‘too darn hot’ to work comfortably.

 My findings were passed on to the food manager.”

Yes, troubleshooting is sometimes so very simple.

If you have a troubleshooting story you would like to share, get in touch.

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