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Video FAQs

If you need an answer to a question that you don't see on our FAQ Page, click here and you can send us an e-mail question  or you can call our office during our regular business hours: 9AM to 5PM Pacific by dialing (520) 625-6847.


How much do your videos cost?

That depends. We have 24 different video training programs for HVAC technicians and some of them are videos that are focused on a specific subject (how to troubleshoot potential relays and start capacitors is one example) that are $30.00. And we have some programs that cover a broader subject such as electrical fundamentals, refrigeration fundamentals, or heat pump servicing that are $80.00. We also have a couple of programs (our "Preparing For The EPA Certification Exam" program is one example) that are $40.00. We even have one on using schematics to troubleshoot electrical circuits that is $60.00, and couple of programs on HVACR electrical troubleshooting procedures that are $50.00. We also have a couple of DVD's on individual specific troubleshooting problems that are priced at $40.00, and we have an HVACR schematics training course that is priced at $60.00.


Are your HVAC technician training CD's interactive?

The best place to start with this question is with an explanation of what we consider the difference to be between a DVD and CD. People often refer to our DVD's as CD's because they're used to seeing training material on a CD that is inserted into a computer drive, then viewed on a screen. Our stuff that actually does the teaching of refrigeration, electrical troubleshooting, etc... is on a DVD, a disc that is designed to be inserted into a DVD player connected to your TV set, then viewed just like a movie you would rent from Netflix  or Red Box.

Some of our training programs consist of a package containing the DVD disc and an accompanying CD disc, and the CD is a disc containing files that make up what we call Resource Material. The idea here is that the CD is inserted into a computer drive, and the selected files that contain graphics or wiring diagrams that are used by the instructor during the video presentation. When you open a file, you then print yourself a hard copy so you can trace a diagram when it's traced on the video, make additional notes when notes are made on the video, etc..

One example of this DVD/CD combination training package is our "Refrigeration Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians" training program.

So, the answer to the question is that we consider many of our programs to be interactive from the perspective that a person watching the video uses a hard copy Resource Guide and does what the instructor does during the presentation. The idea here is that when a person is watching one of our videos and using a Resource Guide, they're not just zoning out in front of a TV set, they're paying attention and interacting with the instructor.

If you are looking for an interactive training CD that is interactive from the standard 'insert the CD into the computer' perspective, one source for that type of material is RSES (The Refrigeration Service Engineer's Society). They have an on-line store where you will find some interactive CD's. For more information on this trade association, visit them at their web site at


Can I see a sample of your videos before I buy them?

Yes, you can, providing you have a high-speed connection. All you need to do is click on the screen on our home page.


I noticed that the sample was a segment from your "Understanding Control Transformers" program. Can I see a sample of any of the programs I might want to buy?

We don't think that's necessary because of what our sample accomplishes. When you see our sample, there are several things you can understand about our stuff:

1. The quality. It's all digital video which makes the illustrations easy to see and follow, and the audio isn't muffled.
2. It shows what our training style is.
3. It explains what our training philosophy is...good nuts and bolts information mixed with the theory stuff that a technician needs to know from an overall perspective when they're learning how to troubleshoot and repair an air conditioner or other refrigeration equipment.


Is your stuff guaranteed?

Like any reputable business, our products are all guaranteed to do what they're supposed to do: The DVD's are supposed to play so you can watch and hear what's being presented, and the CD's are supposed to be able to be inserted into a computer so the files can be opened and printed. We will replace, at no charge, any DVD that doesn't play right, or any CD on which the self-print files may not open correctly. (It almost never happens, but if it ever does, we'll send you a replacement disc free.)


You didn't mention anything about refunds in the above answer. Does that mean that I can't, for example, buy a program, decide I didn't like the content, then return it for a refund?

The Technical Training Associates warranty policy guarantees that our products are free from defects related to being able to be played and viewed and, like it says above, we'll replace any DVD or CD that has a technical problem. This is our warranty policy due to piracy practices.


What is the run time on your videos?

The short answer to this question is.....we're sure they are long enough.

The long answer to this question depends. Some of our fundamentals programs, and others, are 90 minutes or 2 hours long. Others that are focused on a specific subject are only 20 minutes long. The run time of each of our programs is noted in the general descriptions found on our HVACR video listing page. The way we look at it, it's not the amount of time a program runs, it's what you learn from it.


How old is your stuff? ...Also asked as, "Are your training materials current?"...Or, "Are your DVD's up-to date?"

Some of our programs were produced within the last year, some are are from 2009, some are from three, or four, or five years ago. The bottom line on our stuff is that what we teach....fundamentals of troubleshooting and servicing HVACR equipment...the age of the program isn't the issue. It's the content from a fundamentals perspective. Fundamentals don't change, so some of our stuff could have been produced last week, last year, or even ten years ago and it will do what we intend it to do. If you're looking for specific, step-by-step troubleshooting procedures on things like the latest electronic control systems on a specific Carrier heat pump, Rheem gas furnace, or something else along that line of information, the place to get that information is from the manufacturer of the equipment you happen to be working on at the moment.

We teach you what you need to know from a fundamentals perspective (obviously we use some specific examples to accomplish that), and then it's up to you to get the more specific information you need understand in order to be able to succeed as an HVAC technical professional.

From our perspective, by the numbers, we know that to be a success in the HVAC service industry...meaning, what you do is: 1. Get a call about a piece of equipment that's down, 2. Show up, troubleshoot the problem, and replace the right part or do the right thing, and 3. Get paid... you need to have 3 elements in your skill set:

1. A firm understanding of the fundamentals and a general overview of troubleshooting procedures from the perspective that if you know what right is in the first place, you'll be able to recognize wrong when you see it. (That's our stuff.)

2. Specific troubleshooting information from the manufacturer on the specific piece of equipment you're looking at, like we said above, at the moment....when it comes to things like specific, step-by-step electronic control system troubleshooting and using manufacturer's charging charts to make sure the refrigerant charge is correct, the equipment manufacturer's do the best job of providing that information so you'll know more about what right is in the first place.

3. Field experience.

Our job is to help you absolutely nail number 1, and also help you on your way to being able to nail number 2. Number 3, of course, is up to you.


How long have you been making videos?

We started making training videos for HVACR technicians in 1994, working with other studios. By 1999, we started making them in our own on-site studio. In addition to the 22 videos we offer on our site, we have produced more than 60 video training programs for manufacturers and others on things like servicing appliances, installing and servicing tankless water heaters, and how to use specific test instruments or specific equipment in evaluating and servicing HVACR equipment.


Do the people that decide what goes into your videos just know about making videos, or do they have actual field experience in HVAC?

The person you see as the instructor on our DVD's started in the refrigeration business in 1964. After more than two decades running service calls every day, it led to doing some on-the-job field training of new technicians, which led to working full time in a trade school for almost ten years, which lead to doing seminars for HVAC technicians, which led to...well, you get the idea. Obviously, he doesn't run as many service calls as he used to, but he still gets out there, in addition to doing articles and troubleshooting columns for trade magazines.


Can I play your DVD's in my computer?

Probably, unless your computer isn't compatible with our stuff or doesn't have the right media player. In cases where we hear from a customer who is having difficulty playing one of our DVD's in their laptop or desktop, we advise them to do an open search for Cyberlink Power DVD 6, then download the media player. We also recommend that you consider downloading VLC Media Player. Depending on your specific situation, either of these could be what you need to view our stuff on your computer.

The important fact to keep in mind about our DVD's is that they are designed to be played in a DVD player connected to a T.V. set, so that's the compatibility they're manufactured for. What this means is that you may be able, for example, to play one of our titles without a problem in your computer with any media player you have, but, may find that another one of our titles won't play in your computer unless you download the media player mentioned above. So, if you buy several of our DVD's, and find that while some of them will play in your computer and others won't, check the ones that won't play in your computer by playing them in a DVD player connected to a T.V. set. If they play OK in the DVD player connected to a T.V. set, then there's no problem with the DVD. You'll just need to download the proper media player if you want to play them in your computer.


What about your self-print CD files? Will I need special software to open them?

Not special, just a standard word processing program such as Microsoft Word (unless it's ancient) with graphics capability or other program such as WordPerfect. Microsoft Word, the program in which our files are developed, is usually purchased as part of Microsoft Office Suite. In most cases, it doesn't come with your computer, and things like Microsoft Works, which is said to contain a "baby Word" version of the full-blown program, or NotePad aren't capable of opening files with graphics in them. If you don't have software like Word or WordPerfect, you can go to and download software for free that will allow you to open, view, and print our files.


If I order something, how long does it take for me to receive my item?

We ship via the U.S. Postal service by either First Class or Priority Mail, which means that once a shipment goes out, it takes less than a week to get there. And, since an order received either by e-mail, phone or fax usually goes out either the same day, or the next business day, that means that most items are received in less than a week after they are ordered.


Can I trust you?....Do you care about me?

It's been said that mutual confidence is the foundation of all satisfactory human relationships and that these two questions are always on someone's mind when they are considering entering into any relationship, and here is our answer:

If you've landed here on our site after a search for information on "heating and air-conditioning training", "electrical troubleshooting" or on "refrigeration training DVD"s" or CD's", or if you've first visited our home page and then chose the link to our HVACR technician training DVDs, the relationship you're considering entering into with us is purchasing a video to help you learn about refrigeration and air conditioning system service, troubleshooting, maintenance, HVAC electrical system troubleshooting, or some specific information on a particular type of refrigeration system or HVAC electrical component, so, in the final analysis, you'll learn more, so you'll be able do more.

And, it's likely that the two questions listed above are on your mind. Well, the answer to both of them is yes...yes, you can trust us, and yes, we do care about you, and helping you choose the right DVD or CD for your HVAC training needs. It's what we you do more.  


Are your DVD's any good?

We're sure they are because they're designed as though you're sitting in a workshop and learning what you need to know, not only from a theory perspective when necessary, but also from a nuts and bolts point-of-view....real test equipment, real components, real operating equipment, real field-related information on what you're supposed to find if a system is OK, so you'll know when it's not OK...but you don't have to take our word for it.....our testimonials page has comments from the students, technicians, instructors, and service managers who have contacted us to tell us what they think about our stuff. Whether you're an experienced service technician, new to the HVAC business, a trade school or community college student looking for some good resource material to supplement your education, or if you're a technical or trade school instructor looking for some good resource material to supplement your curriculum, or, if you're a service manager who needs some help in developing your own in-house training program, we're sure that our DVD's will help you.

The bottom line our our training materials is that troubleshooting is what it's all about for HVACR technicians. To be sure, our job as a technician isn't always easy, but the basic task we have to perform is, in fact, simple: Unless we are asked to show up for the purpose of preventive maintenance, we're there because something is broken and we need to know what to do in order to get it operating again.

And here's what our stuff does for you....we show and explain what you need to know in order to understand what right is in the first place, so you'll recognize wrong when you see it.

If you would like to read some of the comments we've received from people who have purchased our training DVD's, click HERE to go to our testimonials page.


Is there a question you have that you haven't seen on our FAQ Page? If so, you can send us an e-mail question or you can call our office during our regular business hours: 9AM to 5PM Pacific by dialing (520) 625-6847.


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