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In this 60-minute DVD training program, Jim covers the safety aspects and proper use of analog and digital meters to make necessary electrical checks when troubleshooting and servicing HVACR equipment and checking components and circuits. Test equipment from several different manufacturers (Fluke, Fieldpiece, MA Line and UEI) is employed to show a practical approach to accomplishing continuity checks, and resistance, AC and DC voltage, capacitance, current, temperature, and pressure measurements. An exercise in using Ohm’s Law in a practical application is included in this program.

If you are a service manager or HVACR instructor looking for an effective way to implement safety and test instrument use into your in-house training or classroom and lab sessions, this DVD is for you because it provides you with a curriculum guide that will not only fit into your training program or lesson plan, and also allows you to supplement the training in your own way with your own information.

If you are a technician already working in the field and looking for more information on test instruments, this DVD is for you because it takes a nuts and bolts approach to the method of operation of a wide variety of instruments and gives you a chance to expand your knowledge.

If you are a trade school student, brand new to the HVACR industry, or just someone who is thinking of becoming a technician in the heating and air conditioning business, this DVD is for you because it presents information in a fundamental way that eliminates the mystery behind using everything from a basic meter to state-of-the art digital test equipment.

The accompanying self-print CD resource guide provides an opportunity for an interactive learning experience.

DVD Format


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