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Major Appliance Training Videos

Electrical Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians

Electrical Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians - $60.00

Electrical Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians" This DVD program covers the fundamentals of electrical principles and applies those concepts to the specific components and circuits found in major appliances. Includes information on the fundamentals circuits in refrigerator, laundry, cooking equipment, and dishwashers. A resource guide on a separate self-print CD provides an interactive learning experience. Run time: Approximately 90 Minutes

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Refrigeration Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians

Refrigeration Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians - $60.00

Refrigeration Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians". The fundamental concepts that govern the operation of a refrigeration system are covered in this program, and those concepts are applied to the specific application of refrigeration to refrigerators, freezers and room air conditioners. A self-print CD contains the resource material used in the program presentation.  Run time: Approximately 60 minutes.

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"Electrical Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians" and "Refrigeration Fundamentals For Major Appliance Technicians" are videos that enable appliance contractors to measure a potential technician’s understanding of electricity and wiring diagrams, and refrigeration as it applies to major appliances. As part of the interview process, the technician watches the videos, then the employer can administer a pair of 20-question quizzes to evaluate the technician’s understanding of what they just saw.

According to Jim Johnson of Technical Training Associates, the Tucson-based training firm that developed and produced the videos, the programs are an effective tool to evaluate a perspective employee in more ways than one. "The videos themselves are just about two hours in length, which means that if a perspective employee seems reluctant to spend that amount of time going though an evaluation process, then that alone may be a red flag for employers. Another benefit of the programs and their method of presentation is that they evaluate a person’s ability to follow directions, and also their ability to understand information that is presented to them"

The videos present the quiz questions verbally as they appear on the screen, and they are also in print along with the other resource material the technician uses during the video presentations.

"All the employer has to do is pause the DVD at the appropriate time, then direct the applicant to go ahead and answer the questions. Then, the employer has the option of either continuing the tape to enable reviewing the correct answers along with the technician right on the spot, or they can decide to grade the quizzes themselves later, using the information in the resource guide. If the technician has the aptitude for handling electrical and refrigeration work in major appliances, then they’ll do well on the quizzes," said Johnson. "If they don’t possess the basic knowledge they need to diagnose and troubleshoot, then that information will be apparent because of a low score."

The interactive training programs, which can also be used to train or refresh technicians already on board, are priced at $60.00 each, which includes shipping and handling. "That’s a small investment on the part of the employer," says Johnson. "Employers often find out that a technician isn’t going to work out only after some considerable time and money has been expended. These video training programs are effective tools that can be used to avoid that unfortunate situation."


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