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HVACR Video Bundle and HVAC Technician Training DVD Set

Video Bundle

This is the "BEST DEAL POSSIBLE" to purchase these two training products together!

HVACR Video Bundle Information

Includes The Following Titles:

  • Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians: $80.00
  • Refrigeration Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians: $80.00
  • Using Schematics To Troubleshoot HVACR Equipment, Part One: $60.00
  • Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Electrical Systems…$80.00
  • Uncomplicating The Heat Pump: Refrigeration & Air Flow Systems: $80.00
  • HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Deciding Where To Begin: $50.00
  • HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting: Component Testing: $50.00
  • Understanding Control Transformers…$30.00
  • Understanding Potential Relays and Start Capacitors: $30.00
  • Understanding Fan Relays and Multiple-Speed Fan Motors: $30.00
  • Understanding Compressor Motor Windings: $30.00
  • Semi-Hermetic Compressors: Testing, Servicing and, Isolating: $30.00
  • Comfort Cooling Refrigeration System Troubleshooting: $30.00
  • TXV Refrigeration Systems: Understanding Superheat & Subcooling: $30.00

Free Bonus: When you order the HVACR DVD/Video Library Bundle, you also receive a free copy of our HVACR Category Flat Rate Price Guide. A $40 value.

HVAC Technician Training DVD Set

Free Bonus: When you order the HVACR Technician Training Set, You Also Receive:

A Free Copy Of Our E-Book "Preparing For NATE Certification Exams, Volume 1#, Via Download: A $10.00 Value

EPA Section 608 Study Guide, An $18.00 Value

Money Savings:  If you purchased these two programs individually, your total cost would be: $808.00

Your Money-Saving Bundle Price: $790.00

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Product Purchasing Information: Our site contains forms you can download and print for mail or fax orders, or you can reach us by phone at 520-625-6847, 8AM to 5PM Pacific Time, Monday through Friday for phone purchases, or if you need more information. If you are directed to our voicemail system when calling outside of our office hours or if all of our lines are busy when you call, we check our messages regularly, and will return your call as soon as possible.

Technical Training Associates Warranty Policy: All of our DVD’s and CD’s are guaranteed in regard to viewing and audio quality. We offer a no-charge replacement warranty on any DVD that does not play properly, or a CD in which there is a technical problem with the audio or self-print file.

If you’re a service manager who needs information for your in-house training program, a trade school or community college instructor who would like to supplement your curriculum, an experienced technician who wants to expand your knowledge of HVACR service, maintenance and troubleshooting, or if you’re somebody who wants to know more about becoming an HVAC service technician or getting into the heating & air-conditioning business as an independent owner/operator, our HVACR DVD/Video Library Bundle can help.

Note:  The first 5 programs listed above also include a self-print CD containing learning resource material that makes viewing the programs an interactive experience.

All HVAC Training Video Program Prices Include Shipping & Handling Via First Class or Priority Mail To Locations Within The United States.

Money Savings:  If you purchased these two programs individually, your total cost would be: $808.00

Your Money-Saving Bundle Price: $790.00

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