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HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: Electricity & Wiring Diagrams Training Package

For HVACR Educators, Service Managers and Lead Technicians

This Technician Training Package Contains:

A 380-Page Student Text With Workbook Pages 

An Instructor Guide With Workbook Page Answers

A PowerPoint Detailing Troubleshooting Situations

Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians Video

Proper Use Of Test Instruments Video

A Step-By-Step Facilitator Guide

An End-of-Course Exam

“HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: Electricity & Wiring Diagrams” Student Text, Instructor Guide With Workbook Answers (Both Hard Copy and PowerPoint)

“HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: 15 Electrical Troubleshooting Scenarios PowerPoint” With Detailed Solutions and Explanations

“Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians”

A Two-Hour Video Program That Covers The Fundamentals of Electricity and Explains Schematic Diagrams  Step-By Step 



“Proper Use of Test Instruments and Service Equipment: Using Analog & Digital Meters” A 60-Minute Program That Explains Test Instrument Use From A Variety Of Manufacturers




The Facilitator Guide in this package provides a step-by-step plan for 12 training sessions, including reading and workbook assignments and implementing PowerPoint presentations.

There is also a multiple-choice end-of-course exam.

Package Pricing Information

Regular Retail If Purchased Individually

HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals Electricity & Wiring Diagrams – Instructor Package$125.00
HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: 15 Electrical Troubleshooting Scenarios PowerPoint$25.00
Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians Video Training
Proper Use of Test Instruments & Service Equipment:
Using Analog and Digital Meters Video Training Program

Your Money-Saving Package Price: $216.00

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