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HVACR Schematics Training Course

HVACR Schematics Training Course 1 Cover

Technical Training Associates


An HVACR Technician Training Course

 Electrical Troubleshooting & Schematics For Electromechanical and Electronic Systems

Schematic Symbol Fundamentals and Translating What They Mean

Approximate Run Time: 40 Minutes

Price: $60.00

Copyright 2012

ISBN # 978-1-937659-06-6

Written and presented by Jim Johnson, this HVACR technician training course presents an overview of the fundamentals of schematic diagrams. With a firm understanding of the fundamentals of wiring diagrams and how symbols serve as a map of the electrical circuits in refrigeration and air conditioning systems, technicians can develop their troubleshooting skills.

HVACR Schematics Training Course 1 DVD


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HVACR Schematics Training Course 1 CD

This course includes information on the fundamental concepts of atomic theory and the basics of current flow, along with information on how understanding and applying that knowledge helps technicians master the concept of tracing circuits, and to understand how switches operate in series with the loads the control.

In addition to the DVD/video, this training package also includes a self-print CD containing an interactive, read-along resource guide, and a course exam consisting of multiple-choice questions and exercises that require the isolation and identification of specific circuits on a schematic diagram.

Technicians completing the course can send their exam for evaluation via regular mail or e-mail.

Note: This program is also available as part of our HVACR Electrical Troubleshooting With Schematic Diagrams Training Package. Click HERE For More Information