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DVD Testimonials

At Technical Training Associates, we often receive comments from some of our customers when they call to order another product, or sometimes they just send us an e-mail to let us know what they like about our HVACR training DVD's. Here are some of the comments we've received during phone conversations or via e-mail.

“I just wanted to call to say thanks. I got your Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians and Using Schematics DVD’s and they really helped me understand electrical troubleshooting.” -Minnesota

“I want every program you’ve got by Jim Johnson.” -Canada

“Your DVD really brought it all together for me.” -California (Trade School Student)

“I just got one of your DVD programs and I like it very much. Please send a price quote so I can order your bundle.” -Ireland (HVACR Instructor)

“I don’t know how you managed to get that much information into a two-hour program. I use it throughout our entire electrical fundamentals semester.” -Wisconsin (HVAC Instructor)

“Your schematics DVD goes at a really fast pace, but I can always pause, go back, and see it over again.” -California

"I'll tell you now that your training modules are an excellent review for technicians in the field as well as those of us who are stuck behind a desk!" -Certified Mechanical Contractor, Florida

“Your DVD’s are just excellent, man. I really learned a lot from them.” -Ohio

“We use your stuff to supplement our in-house training program. They work.” - Florida (Service Manager)

"I want to congratulate you on your DVD's. It's like having you as my personal trainer. I make money because of you." -North Carolina

"Talk about helpful! I'm a visual learner, and your DVD's not only make it easier for me to understand what I'm reading in the book I'm studying on HVACR, they make me much more comfortable about knowing what to do when I'm troubleshooting." -Mobile, Alabama (Apartment Maintenance Technician)

"I was afraid that it wouldn't be worth the money, but it was well worth it." -Kentucky (Student)

"Thank you and I just wanted to let you know that I am loving your DVD's. I am learning lots from them." -Student

"Jim's video presentations are great! He has a way of explaining systems, components and principles that makes it easier to understand. Another thing I really like is the pace of the sessions. He spends just the right amount of time on a subject and moves on, so you don't ever get bored with endless explanations. These are the best training tapes I have seen." -Minnesota Technician

"Your materials arrived in good condition today, and they look very good." -London, England

"We have all of your HVAC videos that come as a bundle set, and the electric furnace video, and we love them." -Houston, Texas (Field Supervisor, Maintenance)

"I watched all your video training programs while I was studying at College of the Desert in California. I traveled to the United States to develop my skills. I had some friends studying with me while we were in the States I translated what they saw in your videos to Arabic because they were at the beginning level of learning English, and then I decided to buy them and then we discussed them together. I would like to thank you for the great job that you made in this videos and the way of explaining the subject and the illustration."

You'll note that the comments shown above are from people around the United States, as well as from other countries, and that we aren't identifying them by name. That's our usual policy, to keep our customer's names private. But, sometimes we get a note from somebody who gives us permission to let people know who they are, such as the two following  individual testimonials we received via e-mail and the comment we received from a plumbing contractor. The are shown below exactly as they were written to us:

"I would just like to say that the DVD's I ordered from your website have helped me tremendously. I've been in the business since 1994, starting out as a maintenance technician, cleaning coils, oiling motors, selling add-ons, and maintenance agreements. Nothing technical because I'm really not very mechanically inclined. It was just a means to a paycheck. Eventually I got into service work, but always struggled because of my lack of understanding of the electrical stuff. I was laid off in September 2008 due in part to that lack of knowledge, lack of work (the weather was milder than usual this past summer) high gas prices and the tanking economy. I was determined to stay in the business, so I enrolled in a local votech school to get the training I needed to become more competitive in the job market. While the instructor was very knowledgeable, and I did learn more, I still didn't feel very confident about my abilities. You have to take a lot of notes, not one my strengths! I went on line looking for, and hoping I would find a video source for further training, and I hit a GOLDMINE! with Technical Training Associates. I Immediately ordered all of the videos on electrical because that was where I was having the greatest difficulty. Those videos helped me to "SEE THE LIGHT!" It's like having the instructor in your home, no need for note taking because if you don't understand something the first time around, just replay it until you do. Not only have the videos helped my understanding of the electrical "mysteries", it boosted my confidence right through the roof! I've now been able to apply for jobs and when tested on my knowledge, have gotten calls from 11 different companies offering a position in their service departments making more money that I ever thought I would make. I'm so happy with the electrical videos, that I just ordered the refrigeration videos in the series. Thanks Jim Johnson, you're GOLDEN!"

Very Sincerely, Mac Scalf


"Hey Jim ,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you. I am a building engineer for Chicago Public Schools, and through all the recent cuts have been thrown from an operation role into more of a Tech role. When this occurred, I joined RSES, and found your DVD's (bought the whole set) and watch one every night. I have to watch them over and over again to absorb everything, but I am making progress. With the aid of your DVD's, I am getting more problems solved every day.

I especially like your motto of 'How will you ever know what's wrong with something, if you don't know what right is'. It's so true.

Keep up the good work , and I look forward to any educational material you may offer in the future."

Jonathon Matuszak
Chief Engineer
Collaborative Response Team
Chicago Public Schools


"I just wanted to say thanks for what you're doing for the professional service techs, and the video training series is awesome. I have not seen or heard of a class that covers the topics as quick, as in-depth, and as simple as you do. I am training guys who know nothing except plumbing and they learning at lightning speed from your videos."

Ken Brown, Responsible Master Plumber, Brown and Son's Plumbing, LLC


"I am a big fan of your training videos. They opened up doors for me that would not have been possible otherwise. Much appreciated. I use them today to train my techs and it is a huge time saver."

Charles Mason, Service Manager, Paulson Air, Mitchell, South Dakota


We also get letters from technical schools that use our DVD programs as a supplement to their HVACR technician training curriculum, such as...


"I am always excited to see good HVAC training material. Your DVD's give the student a different perspective and back up what I have been teaching them. It gives them the material in a different light and there is always something you say that I have not touched on as "in depth" as you do. Thank you for making such a good quality product which furthers the knowledge of our students."

Whit Perry, Senior Instructor, Heating & Air Conditioning Technology, Northwest Mississippi Community College, Senatobia, MS 38668



A note from Jim Johnson about testimonials....

I think that, sometimes, when people read testimonials, two thoughts can come to mind about them....

The first is something along the line of "Heck, they could have just made all that stuff up. How do I know those are from real people?"

Well, I'm here to tell you that we didn't make them up. They're all real comments from real people who bought our stuff. And, I know, I know....I could be just making this up too. Well, either you choose to believe that the comments we've listed here are true, or you choose to believe we just made them up so you would buy something from us. That's your choice.

The second thing that may come to mind for some people about testimonials is something like "Oh yeah, they got some good comments from people, but they're only cherry picking and showing the ones they want to show. They're not going to list the negative comments they got."

Well, we're not showing any negative comments because we haven't received any. We've been producing and selling HVACR training DVD's since 1999 and we've never received a phone call or e-mail, or regular mail letter, from anybody who said they wished they hadn't spent their money on our stuff, and we've never had anybody ask for their money back. On very rare occasions, we get a call from a customer who is having a technical difficulty with a "DVD that won't play" or a "CD that won't read", and, as our warranty policy states, we replace any product that won't work right when you receive it. Again...I know I could be just making this up too, but, also, again, it's your choice as to whether you decide to believe me or not.

Our bottom line at TTA is that we want you to be sure you're making the right decision about purchasing any or all of our DVD's. If you've landed here at this paragraph while doing a Google,, Bing, or other search on the Internet for heating & air-conditioning and refrigeration training DVDs or CDs, I would encourage you to start out on our home page where you can learn more about our company and click the link on HVACR Training DVD's so you can read about our various DVD titles, see the prices and the run times, and even watch a sample if you want.

If, after you've read about our company... researched the titles we have listed... read the descriptions... know how long a particular video program you're interested in runs... understand which videos are only a DVD and which of them are packaged with a self-print CD that contains an interactive resource guide... watched our video sample... and read our testimonials, you're still not sure our stuff is worth the money you would be investing in it, I would encourage you to take more time before you make a decision and feel free to ask for more information. If you like, you can call us at (520) 625-6847 or send me an e-mail and ask a question about our DVD's.


Jim Johnson