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Service Management Excellence

Hard Copy/Spiral Bound
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If you’re already a service manager, there’s a good chance you are in that position is because you were good at something else. That something else could have been HVACR or appliance repair, or perhaps you started your career as a plumber, an electrician, an automotive technician, or another trade.

Whatever skills you demonstrated in your trade or area of technical expertise, that’s what they were: trade or technical skills. In the same way that it’s likely that you “moved up” to your present position because of your technical expertise, it’s also likely that you made that transition without a great deal of opportunity for training and preparation in the areas of communication skills, customer service, dealing with different personalities, managing people and leading a team.

This book presents a no-nonsense approach to being an effective supervisor, manager, department head, or small business owner. Whether you are already a service manager or aspiring to be one, you’re sure to find something here that will give you the knowledge, practical skills, and tools you need to get your job done.

Spiral-bound, authored by Jim Johnson, 157 pages, including appendices that contain resources for various tools and resources referenced in the book.

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