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Major Appliances – Installing, Troubleshooting, and Servicing – Volume 1 Electrical & Refrigeration Fundamentals – Instructor’s Package


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This training package includes one copy of the student training manual, along with the instructor resources.

The instructor notes in this package, in both hard copy and PowerPoint on CD, contain the answers to the questions and exercises in the student workbook section of the text.

The layout of the student training manual is simplified, with the text in a one column format across the page, and all illustrations are page-centered. The philosophy behind this format is not only for the sake of simplicity.

Students are encouraged to make notes on the white space of the pages, add information to an illustration, or note questions that come to mind when studying the text so they’ll be prepared to ask them appropriately in an upcoming classroom or lab instructor’s presentation.

There are options for the workbook sections of the text. Instructors may direct students to complete the information in the end-of-chapter sections of the text and turn them in for evaluation.

Or, instructors may also opt to assign the completion of the work pages in the text, and then conduct a group review of the answers using the supplemental PowerPoint.

The major appliance industry has a shortage of qualified technicians. The key word is qualified. As in any craft, there will be people who will be “working at it” but their performance will be below industry standards.

The philosophy behind the text is that one cannot be an effective appliance service technician if basic concepts are not fully understood.

Everyone understands that electricity makes an appliance work.

However, if technicians don’t understand where electricity comes from and how it does its job, it affects their ability to troubleshoot a problem in an electrical circuit.

Likewise, in order to effective evaluate the performance of a refrigeration system, a grasp of the fundamental concepts of the simple “mysteries” of heat transfer is necessary.

Vocational instructors have long recognized that eliminating the mysteries behind basic concepts is the foundation of technical education, and that a confident, able technician can only emerge after this has been accomplished.

For this reason, this text provides a simple and direct approach to the fundamentals of electricity and refrigeration related to the operating functions of refrigerators, freezers, room air conditioners, washing machines, clothes dryers, dishwashers, gas and
electric ranges, and microwave ovens.

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