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HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: Refrigeration and Air Flow Systems- Student Text

Student Text

HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: Refrigeration and Air Flow Systems- Student Text - $70.00

This spiral-bound, 300-plus page book is designed to provide a fundamental understanding of refrigeration and air flow system troubleshooting procedures. Clearly written, and easy to comprehend, it provides a basic foundation for learning how to troubleshoot, which then enables HVACR students, apprentices, and technicians new to the craft, with guidance from instructors and service managers, along with field experience, to further develop their troubleshooting skills. 

Topics included in the book are: heat energy, refrigeration system components and accessories, the refrigeration cycle, superheat and subcooling, evacuation and dehydration, accessing refrigeration systems for refrigerant recovery and evacuation, properties of air and fundamental airflow measurements, psychrometric principles, supply and return air fundamentals, HVACR  airflow system evaluation.

Each of the 10 units in this book include end-of-section review questions and exercises that can be torn out and handed into the instructor for grading. An appendix includes 15 troubleshooting problems that are also solved by the student. A separate instructor supplement, available in hard copy format and as a PowerPoint containing the answers to the end-of-section exercises and the appendix troubleshooting problems, are also available.

(Note: If you are using this text for self-study, please use our contact form to send us an email when you purchase, and we'll reply with an attached PDF file containing the end-of-unit and appendix answers.)


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