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Fans and V-Belt Drives Continued

Fans and V-belt Drives
(6-0-88069-026-7) – By Leo A Meyer – 129 Pages, 6 x 9 softcover – FANS—HOW TO KEEP THE AIR MOVING

Learn to easily calculate fan speed to get the CFM you want. How to change V-belts properly and safely. Fan problems and maintenance. Practical knowledge for fans and V-belts. Here’s every practical thing you need to know about fans and V-belts. You will learn about all the fan types you work with. Learn to calculate fan speed to get the CFM you need. You will know how to change V-belts properly and safely—and to extend the life of the belt. You will learn about V-belt drives-pitch diameter, nominal length, pitch length, belt horsepower. The knowledge in this book gives you an edge over others in the industry.

Content Highlight

  • Fan Terms
  • Fan Safety
  • Types of Fans
  • Fan Curves and Fan Tables
  • System Effect
  • V-Belt Drives
  • Fan Accessories
  • Fan Laws for CFM, RPM, and
  • Sheave Diameters
  • Fan Laws for SP and Bhp
  • Fan Problems
  • Fan Maintenance
  • Glossary

My job involves overseeing a number of buildings—both private residences and public buildings, and I must make sure that our thousands of visitors are comfortable in a variety of weather conditions. Leo’s book, Fans and V-Belt Drives is a great reference for all the information I need to make fan maintenance and trouble shooting as easy as possible.
Stuart Macindoe, Facility Manager
MA Center, San Ramon, CA