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Basic of Electronics Continued

Basics of Electronics: Easy-to-understand explanations of electricity as it relates to HVAC with no involved equations. Covers AC/DC circuits, magetism, series and parallel circuits, reactance, capacitors and capacitive reactance, power factor, electrical work, transformers, and safety.

Content Highlights

  • Electrical Safety
  • Basic Electricity in DC Circuits
  • Magnetism and Electricity
  • Series and Parallel Circuits
  • AC Circuits
  • Reactance Capacitors and
  • Capacitive Reactance
  • Power Factor
  • Electrical Work
  • Transformers
  • Equations

At Pennco Tech we offer excellence in HVAC education. All of our instructors use Basics of Electricity because it clearly presents the technical information needed in HVAC work in a way our students can quickly understand and apply on the job. I highly recommend Basics of Electricity to teachers, students, and techs.
Douglas M. Johnson, Director
Pennco Tech, New Jersey

I am impressed by the way Leo Meyer has been able to put across the principles of electricity and simple electrical components. The pictures are very descriptive and straightforward. They are a simple way of showing trainees what happens. I was impressed with the book and it covers exactly what it says – Basics of Electricity.
Tony Darlow, Training Manager
The Techtrain Centre, England

Fairly priced and loaded with very informative information.
William G Irvin, Delta Refrigeration