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EPA Test Study Guide

Under Section 608 of The Clean Air Act of 1990, technicians servicing appliance and HVACR refrigeration systems are required to be certified in refrigerant handling.

The underlying philosophy behind the certification is that a technician who has accomplished the exam as either a Type I Technician (small appliances), Type II Technician (high pressure refrigeration systems that have a refrigerant charge of more than 5 lbs.) or a Type III Technician (low pressure chillers), will have an understanding of what constitutes a violation of the law, how much the fines can be for a violation, the history and important dates relative to the EPA regulations, safety procedures relative to refrigerant handling and transport, leak repair requirements, and a fundamental understanding of the operation of a refrigeration system.

The links below will take you to a study guide, and information from the EPA on refrigerant recovery certification.

Click here for Type 1 EPA Technician Study Manual

Click here for Section 608 of the Clean Air Act information


The fundamental fact to understand about EPA certification is that while it relates to the rules, regulations and history of The Clean Air Act, it doesn’t speak to a technician’s ability to evaluate, troubleshoot, and perform service and repairs on a refrigeration system.