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About Jim Johnson

Jim has been a full-time technician, as well as a full-time trade school and community college instructor and administrator, working in and around the refrigeration, HVACR, appliance, and facility maintenance fields since 1973. He has facilitated hundreds of training seminars, workshops and classes in the HVACR electrical and refrigeration areas alone, as well as many other workshops in other technical and non-technical areas.

He takes the time to explain theory to you, but it’s not dull or boring. You learn what you need to know and understand because he explains things in a clear, simple manner that eliminates the mystery behind the subjects related to electrical troubleshooting and refrigeration and air flow system evaluation. His background includes a satellite training network for HVACR and appliance technicians and the development and presentation of more than 75 video training programs. He is nationally recognized as one of the HVACR and appliance industry’s best-known technical writer and instructor, having written four textbooks for the HVACR and appliance industries and 10 technician handbooks… but he is quick to caution people that they shouldn’t be too impressed by that fact.

“Book learning is good stuff, no doubt about it,” he says, “but until you put that knowledge to practical use, it isn’t worth much in the field.”

Jim has been a columnist for many trade magazines for more than 20 years, including  Indoor Comfort News, RSES Journal, ACHR News, ACHR News Extra Edition, HVACR Today, and Marcone World Magazine, providing monthly troubleshooting features and more than 1,000 feature articles.

His favorite saying?

“This stuff ain’t rocket science.”

Students and workshop participants over the years have consistently rated Jim’s ability to communicate and explain things clearly as excellent. He is a member of RSES,  NBI-Certified as a Residential and Light Commercial Air Balancing and Diagnostic Technician, and is certified in heat pumps. He also holds multiple certifications in combustion analysis and carbon monoxide safety. He is a registered proctor for NATE exams, and his workshops, HVAC training videos, and e-book CD’s not only provide a simplified approach to learning about troubleshooting and servicing heating and air conditioning equipment, they also serve as an effective preparation for NATE certification exams.

The bottom line?

Jim teaches you what you need to know and makes sure you have some fun in the process.


About Technical Training Associates

Technical Training Associates (TTA) has designed and developed training workshops for corporations such as Intel and North American Defense Services that have been implemented worldwide to train technical personnel. They have also worked extensively with government clients such as The Bureau Of Indian Affairs and The United States Marine Corps, and for educational entities such as state continuing education departments, as well as for trade associations and independent service contractors in the plumbing, electrical, major appliance and HVACR fields. TTA has, since 1985, worked cooperatively with academic institutions to develop and present credit and non-credit courses for business & industry, as well as general interest classes for consumers.

Working with state-sponsored technician development programs, we have developed and delivered HVAC-training via satellite for technicians. We have also acted as an independent training sub-contractor for various training companies throughout the United States, utilizing the TTA-designed curriculum, interactive workbooks, and the training modules and equipment they designed and built to facilitate quality hands-on training for maintenance and equipment service personnel.

Today, after 29 years in the training industry, high schools and public and private post-secondary schools throughout the nation use TTA-designed and produced training videos in their vocational education programs. And Technical Training Associates still holds to their mission statement, and maintains their reputation for providing the highest quality hands-on training workshops in major cities throughout the United States, and on-site for corporations, and county, state, and federal government agencies.

You have our word on it!

If you need more information about us, feel free to call us at our office phone, 520-625-6847, or directly to Jim at 520-907-4867 (if he’s not facilitating a training session, or shooting a video, or out of range on the road somewhere, he’ll be available when you call), or you can send him an e-mail.