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Precision In Pizza Delivery

We spend a good deal of time “on the road” and that means that sometimes, whether it’s healthy eating or not, it’s often easier after a day of travel to order delivery to our room. And, as you would expect, this generally works out OK…the food is usually of a good quality, delivered warm if it’s supposed to be warm, and we’re able to relax and have dinner without having to go out to a restaurant. But, I learned something the last time we ordered delivery from a Pizza Hut in Scottsdale, Arizona…pizza delivery has gone high tech at this restaurant and is accomplished with precision, resulting in customer service of the highest order. Here’s how it went…..

When I dialed the number, the first question I was asked after the greeting “Thank you for calling Pizza Hut”, at… (their address, which I confess I don’t remember)… was “Will this order be delivery or pick up?”

“Delivery,” I answered, which led to the next question; I was asked for my phone number.

I explained that I was calling from my cell phone, and once I gave the number, I was asked a question that surprised me. “Is this Jim?”

I stumbled a bit, but answered yes, and then I was asked if  I was still at a certain address. (As it turns out it was the last place we stayed in the area, but this time we were staying at a different location this time around nearby, and since I wasn’t certain of the actual address, I just told them the name of the place.) “OK, and which room are you in?”

I gave the room number, and then was surprised again when I was asked, “Would you like to repeat your order of a large pepperoni and mushroom pan crust pizza?”

“Ummm…” (that’s me stumbling again), “well, yes, that’s what I would like to order.”

But, wait, this story gets even better.

Once my phone order was completed and I answered the question regarding payment that it would be a cash transaction, the person taking care of me thanked me for my order, and then said, “Your order will arrive by 7:58 PM.”

Now I was really intrigued. “No kidding, 7:58 PM you say? What time is it now?”

“It’s 7:18 PM,” she answered.

Well, I’ve placed a lot of delivery food orders in my time, and I’ve often been told that I can expect arrival “between 30 and 40 minutes”, or “within the hour”, but this was the first time anybody told me that the absolute latest my delivery would arrive would be specific time. I couldn’t wait to see how this was going to turn out.

When it got close to the deadline time, I checked my phone rather than my watch because, after all, no matter where you are, even if you travel through time zones, your phone is accurate. I noted the time….7:56 PM. And, believe it not, when shortly thereafter there was a  knock at my door and I checked my phone  as I got up to answer it, it was, yes, 7:58 PM.

The smiling person who was holding the insulated bag containing my dinner in one hand, greeted me enthusiastically and handed me napkins and seasoning packets with the other, then confirmed the dollar amount of my order. I handed him the cash, which included his tip. He slipped my pizza out of the bag and handed it to me, said “Thank you sir,” bid me goodbye, and that, as they say, was all there was ’cause there wasn’t any more.

To review…..I called a Pizza Hut that I didn’t even remember that I had called before when I was staying in that particular area about six months earlier, but they remembered me. Not only that, they knew what my preference for pizza was, and even though I wasn’t sure at the moment exactly what I wanted to order, they made it easy for me to place my order. And, then, to top it all off, they gave me an exact delivery time, then hit it, and the person who did the delivery was as precise and friendly and helpful as the person who took my order over the phone. And, my pizza was done right.

Which brings me to a simple question….the next time I’m in that neck of the woods and Jonesin’ for a pizza, why would I even think of calling somebody else?

Until next week…..

Learn from yesterday…Live for today…Look forward to tomorrow.