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If you were to ask someone in their 60’s about their experience of getting into the HVACR business and learning their craft, you would likely get a detailed story about the experience they could only get by leaving their house every day. It could be about their participation in a union apprenticeship program in which they were on the job for a period of time and attending classes a few evenings a week. It could be about their attendance at a year-long (or longer) trade school. Or, it could be about getting hired by an HVACR service company as a ‘step-and-fetchit’, starting out as a helper and working their way up through installation to service. 

In either of the above situations, the experience was intense. When you showed up for your first day of work or school, you had very little information about the HVACR industry. Even things like basic terms and what they meant, along with the names of the basic components of a refrigeration system were things that you had no idea about, hearing them for the first time from your instructor or senior technician….trying your best to understand what you were hearing, seeing or doing with no advance information whatsoever before your exposure to this new information…..kind of like a deer caught in the headlights of an 18-wheeler. 

My, how things have changed. If you’re interested in getting into the HVACR business today, the information that is available to you before you ever show up in a classroom, workshop, or on the job is staggering….. YouTube videos, blogs, discussion boards, manufacturer’s instruction manuals, etc…it, for better or worse, is out there for you. Of course, you need to know that the information you’re getting is technically and ethically correct and available from someone reputable. That’s a challenge that’s beyond just information overload. But, it’s possible to find good information before you ever show up for your first class or day of work. 

It’s often just one click away. For example, here’s a click that will take you to a series of e-books you can open, view, and learn from: 

ACHR News E Books

If you know of other good information that’s available with just one click, let me know about it and I’ll add to the list here. My email address is . 


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