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Joining RSES

“I used to do A/C work.”

“Yeah, I was in air conditioning for a while.”

“I went to HVAC school and worked at it some, but then I switched jobs.”

Have you ever been in a conversation with somebody who said something similar to the above? I have. And, I know that when I hear something like “I used to be in the HVACR business,” there’s a 99% chance that the person who is telling me that was never a member of a trade association nor did they ever invest any of their own time and money in learning more during the time they were ‘in the business’. And my reasoning behind that belief is simple. If a technical professional is serious (and I mean serious) about their craft, they will either become a member of an appropriate trade association and/or avail themselves of any opportunity for continuing education so they can take advantage of those available opportunities to continously improve, learn, and develop as the professional they are, even if it means investing some of their own money and attending training while they are “off the clock”.

And, it’s my opinion that if they aren’t serious about their craft, they won’t.

The unfortunate thing about the heating, air conditioning and refrigeration business is that, like any business, there are some people working within it who just consider what they do as a “job” and not a career. And all they focus on  is that whatever-amount-per-hour that they’re being paid while they watch the clock as closely as possible and keep score so  they’re sure they’re not ‘being screwed’ by “The Man” (whoever or whatever that really is).

Well, if you’re not of the ilk mentioned above, I have a suggestion for you. Join RSES. Yes, the price of membership is around $100 per year, but it’s money well-spent. As a member, you get a subscription to their monthly magazine, RSES Journal, which keeps you abreast of what’s new in the industry, and informed about the business you’ve chosen to be part of, while learning new things you need to know in order to stay up-to-date and hone your skills as an HVACR professional. And, you can stay connected with others in your craft by attending your local chapter’s monthly meeting. And, on top of all that, this trade association offers training (their motto is that they are “The HVACR Training Authority”) via workshops, conferences, and training materials in their on-line store. RSES is also active in providing preparation and study materials for NATE certifcation testing, and administering the exams.

To be sure, there are other trade associations related to the HVACR industry that also provide training opportunities and other benefits to HVAC contractors and business owners. In my opinion, though, RSES does the best job in regard to providing technical training for the people who are actually out there turning wrenches. And I recommend you make the very small investment in membership and avail yourself of the benefits being a member provides.

Unitl next week….

Learn from yesterday…..Live for today…..Look forward to tomorrow