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Beyond the understanding that new hires or installers in training to move up to service need to have a good grasp of the fundamentals of electricity, refrigeration and psychrometrics, there’s another consideration regarding this subject…..experienced technicians and a review of the basic concepts of HVACR that will help them in the continued development of their troubleshooting skills.

 As a service manager facilitating an in-house training session on this subject, we need to be aware of two important issues. The first, of course, is that we need to be creative in our approach to presenting the basic concepts of how to read wiring diagrams, troubleshoot and test components, calculate superheat and subcooling, and perform static pressure tests as part of evaluating the air flow in a system. What we ultimately want to see is the experienced technician paying attention, participating, nodding in agreement and, when prompted, even contribute information on the subject at hand in order to help bring along those in attendance who are less experienced. That would be an ideal situation; a productive training session that contributes to the professional development of everybody in attendance.

All good.


Happy employees.

Your operation running smooth.

Yes, that would be ideal, and sometimes, getting there means that we need to be aware of a second issue, and deal with it effectively. I’m talking about technicians who have been in the field for a number of years, and the possibility that they may not be as excited as you are to have them in your fundamentals training session. There could be a variety of reasons for this. Perhaps somebody who has been ‘out there’ for five years would look upon the hour spent as a waste of time, especially if they were facing a busy workday. If that’s the case, it could derail your ideal training session described above. Instead of a pleasant experience for everyone, somebody could be sitting there, arms folded, noting the time at frequent intervals, barely tolerating the experience until it will finally be over.

A situation like this not only affects you because you’re looking right at it, but the negativity, even if it’s subtle, can become pervasive, having an effect on everyone attending the session and all the subject matter being discussed. So, how would you anticipate this possibility and handle it?

One thing to consider is that if an experienced technician takes the time to contact you prior to the training to say that since it’s a fundamentals session, they would just as soon pass on attending, tread lightly. Simply dismissing their stated opinion out-of-hand and saying that the session is arbitrary, for example, is not going to be a productive route to take in this situation. My reasoning behind this is simple. I’ve been in situations where a technician may say that they have “5 years of experience” working in HVACR, when in reality, what’s closer to correct is that they have “1 year of experience 5 times over”. And, since our responsibility as a service manager and trainer is to make every effort to coach, lead, and contribute to the professional development of those who report to us, we need to anticipate this possibility and, as I said above, be creative in our approach to presenting the basic concepts, no matter who is attending our session.


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