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If Everyone Would Just Be Honest

Mankind, for many hundreds of thousands of years, has been involved in relationships of all kinds. Some related to survival in our early existence, and today, some relationships are romantic, some are business-related, etc…. Whatever the relationship, one of the innate qualities of mankind is that we want all relationships to be based in honesty. But, sometimes, when a relationship isn’t all that important to us, we let the honesty thing slide because it’s more effort that it’s worth to deal with (and certainly not a productive use of our time to dwell on it), while in other cases, we absolutely insist on total honesty in our relationships.

One case in which we can all understand we should just let go and move on regarding honesty in a relationship is when you go on a cruise. Cruise lines have a rule about passengers bringing their own liquor on board, whether it’s brought on when you first board the ship, or if you happen to purchase liquor at a port-of-call so you can take it home with you. The rule is a simple one….you can’t bring it on at the beginning of your journey, and if you purchase some along the way, you can’t keep it with you when you come back on board.

And, the explanation that the cruise lines offer relative to this rule is that it could result in an unsafe situation for a passenger who consumed too much alcohol….things like, they would be more apt to stumble and fall on a moving ship in rough seas, or they may even fall overboard if they had too much to drink. So, based on that explanation, if anybody tries to bring liquor such as vodka or gin on board a cruise ship by hiding it in a water bottle, security personnel know how to check for that scam and confiscate the contraband. And, if you decide to purchase a bottle of a rum in Panama that you can’t get in the United States, or a specialty tequila in Mexico that you can only find there, when you re-board the ship, your purchases will be confiscated for the duration of the cruise, and then returned to you some time after 8PM on your last night on board.

So, everybody who has ever been on a  cruise knows the rules, and they know what the cruise line explanation is. However, everybody also knows that the real reason for the liquor rules is that the cruise lines sell alcolholic drinks, and if passengers could either BYOB or purchase liquor in a foreign port and take it to their cabin, then the cruise line would wind up selling fewer drinks. And, if a person was hell-bent on getting so snockered on a cruise ship to the point where it would be “unsafe” for them, they could certainly do so by purchasing alcoholic drinks on board. Which means that the cruise line isn’t being honest. They’re creating a situation that allows them to generate more revenue under the guise of ‘passenger safety’.

And, there’s no sense in wasting any time and energy on this rule that is based in a less-than-honest motive. After all, you’re on a cruise to have a good time, and no matter how right you are about the truth in this case, it’s not going to change. So, sit back, enjoy yourself, and let the dishonesty go. Have a few drinks if you want, and turn in your foreign port liquor purchases so you can enjoy them at your leisure when you get back home. Yes, somebody is being less-than-honest with you, but it’s no big deal.

But, don’t let this study in cruise line policy diminish the importance of your dealings with your customers. They will live with the unimportant dishonesty they encounter on a cruise line, but they will have zero tolerance for it when it comes to entering into a business agreement with you to maintain or repair their HVACR equipment. Keep in mind that the number one thing that prompts some one to call a service company is the word-of-mouth advertising they hear from their family, and friends and neighbors. If you are honest with your customer, they’ll tell 10 people about you. If you’re dishonest (of they perceive that you were dishonest in any way with them, which makes it your job to make sure that doesn’t happen) they’ll tell 100 people about you.

Until next time….

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