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HVACR Troubleshooting Series

Technical Training Associates HVACR Troubleshooting Series


Each program segment in this series begins with the presentation of a specific HVACR troubleshooting problem, then follows a step-by-step process that leads to a diagnosis and a conclusion, explaining why the failed component needs to replaced. The accompanying self-print CD contains the resource material used in the program, along with additional information related to the problem and the equipment discussed, and quiz questions.

These programs are designed for use as self-study in HVACR training , and can also be employed in a facilitator-led training session, making it an effective training tool for service managers to use in their in-house training programs, and for instructors in classroom and lab environments.

Cost for each program/video:  $40.00

HVACR Troubleshooting Series

A Heat Pump That Won’t Cool

A Heat Pump That’s Not Delivering Any Air