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HVAC Tools & Test Instruments

This page on our site gives you information on the tools and test equipment HVACR technicians use to troubleshoot, service, and maintain equipment.


Fieldpiece Manometer and Pressure Switch Tester

Two aspects of gas furnace servicing that an HVACR technician needs to accomplish are related to checking to make sure that proper fuel pressure is applied to the equipment and the manifold, and that the vent system pressure switch is operating properly. The SDMN6  from Fieldpiece is a device that allows you to accomplish both of these areas of service.

Fieldpiece SDMN6
Fieldpiece SDMN6

With a device such as this, you can monitor the equipment pressure delivered to a furnace as well as the burner pressure. One simple way to make sure that there is sufficient fuel pressure to a furnace is to monitor pressure while the furnace is operating, along with all other gas appliances in the building. Taking this approach will ensure that there is no pressure drop. With this dual port manometer you can test the equipment pressure, and at the same time check what is known as the manifold pressure; the fuel pressure delivered to the burner orifices. From a practical standpoint, a device such as this simply takes the guesswork out of evaluating the operation of fuel burning equipment. 

For example, consider a natural gas furnace. If you can measure a consistent pressure of 5 to 7 inches being delivered to the equipment at all times when it, and the other gas appliances in the building are operating, and also measure a 3 1/2 water column inch pressure being delivered to the burners, you have taken the first steps to ensure that the combustion process will be accomplished efficiently and safely.

And, in the event that a troubleshooting situation involves a pressure switch check, this meter allows you to accomplish that task by adjusting the meter's pump speed. This creates the specific negative vacuum on the water column inch scale that is necessary to operate a particular draft safety switch. A red LED indicator indicates whether or not the switch is closing properly.