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HVAC Innovations

This page on our site provides background information on new developments in the HVACR industry.

We welcome input from equipment manufacturers. If you have a product innovation that HVAC technicians need to know about in order to stay up-to-date with what’s new in our industry, call 520-625-6847 or send us an Email.


DEC Blower System

Our industry has seen many innovations when it comes to air handling systems. From the standard PSC motors we’ve seen for many decades (and still do in some new equipment), on through several generation of ECM air flow systems.

A recent innovation to moving air efficiently is the DEC (Dual Efficiency Configuration) from Regal-Beloit Corp. 

In this type of blower system, the motor is not located in the blower inlet like it is in traditional squirrel-cage systems. (See Figure One)

Figure One: DEC Blower
Figure One: DEC Blower


The idea here is to eliminate the restriction that a motor creates when it is positioned in the path of the flow of air through the blower assembly. It’s all part of manufacturer’s efforts to achieve maximum efficiency.