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Custom Video Production

For Textbook Publishers, Tool and Test Instrument Manufacturers, Trade Associations, and Franchisors....

Let Us Help You Reach and Serve Your Student, Customer, Member, or Franchisee


60 seconds of video can mean a lot to a technical professional.

Let's face it. People who install, maintain, or repair things for a living are of a certain ilk. (If the weren't, they wouldn't be studying and training for, or working in, a trade or craft in the first place.) A true hands-on video segment that serves as a supplement to a textbook brings learning to life for the student. And for technicians in the field, when  they're faced with a buying decision about the tools, supplies or test instruments they need to do their job or run their business, they're quick to judge if something "feels" right to them.

That's a dominating characteristic of a technical professional...something just has to feel right...which means that an effective way to support their training or market to them is to make the right connection with them.

At Technical Training Associates, we can help you make that connection through a video that supplements learning, or really shows what your product does and how your customer can benefit from using it.

A video can be streamed from your Web Site, sent directly to your customers, or provided to product distributors for viewing "on the counter" by their customers who visit regularly for parts and supplies.

Whether it's learning the fundamentals of a craft, digital meters, specialty test instruments, gauges, or equipment...technical professionals need and want what works best for them. And at Technical Training Associates, we understand how to explain, train, demonstrate, and show a concept or product, enabling a technician to understand it completely.

"A Confused Mind Always Says No."

The above quote is a simple and direct way to explain the process of decision-making for everyone, whether they're buying something as simple as a pocket thermometer, a complex test instrument or a ten-thousand dollar piece of equipment that they are installing for their customer. And that's the way we design our video production for you and your product...simple and direct.

Beyond test instruments and tools, if you are an equipment manufacturer and you need a way to make sure that your product is properly installed and serviced, a training video that shows and explains what needs to be done to ensure that your product works properly can be the basis for a standardized training program delivered at on-site locations, or made available on your web site.

And, for textbook publishers, trade associations and franchisors, we can help you in your continuing effort to add value for your students, members and franchisees through custom video training programs produced exclusively for you.

Our base price for your custom video project is $6,000.00. Your final price depends on any special production or editing needs that your project would require beyond the ordinary, and/or additional training resources necessary, such as instructor guides or technician evaluation or certification exams.

Call us at 520-625-6847 or send us an email via the contact form below to discuss your project.

Custom Video Production