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PEAK Performance for the Technical Professional

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Technical professionals today naturally handle the day-to-day technical and hands-on tasks of their jobs, but increasingly they are expected to also provide front-line customer service.

With the goal of aiding development of the technical professional’s ability to offer outstanding service to all customers, time will be spent addressing the importance of recognizing a customer’s needs, and how to develop the skills necessary to find and communicate solutions to the customer’s needs.

Told through real life stories and experiences of the author, as well as applied and proven strategies, this book positions itself as a “do-it-yourself workshop”.  The reader will be challenged and encouraged to actively think about the ideas and topics presented, and what they mean personally, as well as identify how the information can be utilized within a career.

This book is a tell-it-like-it-is approach that pulls no punches as it covers subjects, such as what it really means to be a professional, along with communication skills, sales skills, and other topics that are just as vital as the technical side of the job.

This 130-page book is authored by Jim Johnson, a technician who is also a nationally recognized technical writer, instructor, and workshop leader. His experience encompasses working with HVACR and major appliance technicians, electronic technicians, facility maintenance technicians, auto/diesel technicians, and welders. 

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