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HVACR Flat Rate System Philosophy


The HVACR Category Flat Rate System Philosophy….

One of the underlying philosophies that you as an HVACR service organization must understand when “going flat rate” is that you’re no longer going to be setting your prices in accordance with what the other service companies in your area are charging, nor are you going to be the cheapest service company in the area. You’ll be charging professional rates for professional services, and your rates will be set by understanding your CODB, Cost Of Doing Business.


How To Respond To The Question, “How Much Is A Service Call?”

Anyone who picks up the phone at your service company can answer this question very simply by explaining that your service company employs a service call and diagnostic fee system along with flat rate labor pricing for a specific job.


Successfully Completing A Service Call: A Ten-Step Plan By The Numbers

1.Show up in a clean, lettered vehicle, park on the street if you can, and be dressed in a uniform.

2.Greet the customer by name and introduce yourself….”Hello, I’m Jim from XYZ Heating & Cooling, and I’m here to solve the problem with your ________” (A/C, Heat Pump, or...).

3.Verify the customer’s approval for your initial service call and diagnostic fee. Ask for the customer’s description of the problem.

4.Record the model and serial number of the equipment, diagnose the problem, and determine the necessary repair procedures.

5.Refer to The Category Flat Rate Guide to estimate the cost of the repair. To use the guide:

A.Find the equipment/category listing for the service needed.

B.Determine the price and availability of parts, if needed

C.Total the estimate.

6.Explain the cause of the failure to the customer, and answer any questions they may have concerning the repair. Give an estimate for the repair and have the customer sign, approving the estimate. If the work cannot be completed at this time, determine parts availability and re-schedule the call at the customer’s convenience and according to the expected parts arrival date. If the estimate is not approved, or parts are needed to complete the call, collect the Service Call and Diagnostic fee.

7.If the call can be completed at this time, perform the repair (work carefully to protect the customer’s property and clean up as necessary) and, if possible, demonstrate the product to the customer to verify proper performance.

8.Record the Description of Service Performed, and charges on your invoice. Verify that all problems related to the diagnosis are written on the invoice. Advise the customer of any additional services you can provide (accessory items or customer replaceable parts). Total the invoice and present it to the customer, and, if necessary, answer any questions the customer may have about the repair and related charges.

9.Accept payment for the invoice and indicate the method of payment, documenting check number or other necessary information on the invoice. Request a signature verifying that the job was completed satisfactorily, and give the customer a copy of the completed invoice.

10.Thank the customer and ask about referrals to someone else they may know who needs your services. Leave a business card or magnetic card for their refrigerator door or other suitable location.


How To Use The Category Flat Rate Guide Effectively When Communicating With Customers

The Category Flat Rate Guide isn’t designed to be kept away from customers. It’s designed to be printed, placed into a 3-ring binder, then used as a presentation tool when communicating with customers. This is a key factor in using the guide successfully. Once you’ve diagnosed the problem with the equipment and determined the correct repair code, show the guide to the customer and point out the repair code you’re using to fully explain the price of the repair.

Your goal in providing top-notch HVACR service is to provide outstanding customer service in the process. And making sure your customer is fully informed about the cost of their repair and how you arrived at that cost is part of accomplishing that goal. Making sure that your customer understands that you’re using a labor price guide that is:

….tailored for use in your service area and for their specific situation

....lends credibility to you, your business, and the professional technical services that you provide. Let The Category Flat Rate Guide work for you so you can work for your customers.


Here are some samples of the pages you create with the template:



HVACR Category Flat Rate Sample Page1



HVACR Category Flat Rate Sample Page2



HVACR Category Flat Rate Sample Page3



HVACR Category Flat Rate Sample Page4



HVACR Category Flat Rate Sample Page5



HVACR Category Flat Rate Sample Page6


Modifying The Template Pages

Modifying the template pages is simple. All you need is Microsoft Word. If you don't have Word on your computer, you can download it for free at  and download Writer.

Using your word processing program, simply place your cursor at the appropriate point on the page and you can....

....Add  or change your pricing information

....Add a job into a box

....Create a new equipment listing

....Delete boxes you don't want on a page


If you are ready to simplify your service business, stop losing money by working with a time and materials pricing system, implement a flat rate pricing system that is fair for you, your customers and your technicians, and increase your profits, click below to purchase either the CD-By-Mail ($40.00) or Download Version ($15.00) of The HVACR Category Flat Rate Labor Guide.


How Much Does It Cost? $40.00 In CD Format (Includes Shipping and Handling)

How Does A Category Flat Rate Pricing System Work? It is a simple straight-to-the-point system that lists specific jobs in categories according to their complexity, and the template system allows you to design and build your own custom flat rate labor guide.

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