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HVACR Category Flat Rate Labor Guide

Flat Rate Labor Guide 2015


How Much Does It Cost? $40.00 In CD Format (Includes Shipping and Handling)

How Does A Category Flat Rate Pricing System Work? It is a simple straight-to-the-point system that allows you to list specific jobs in categories according to their complexity, and the template system allows you to design and build your own custom flat rate labor guide.

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ADDED BONUS: When you order the HVACR Category Flat Rate Labor Guide via mail, you'll also receive a complimentary copy of the e-book "Service Management Excellence", a $25.00 value.


Or you can download The HVACR Category Flat Rate Labor Guide for $15.00. 

It is one MSWord Document.

Please Note: The Category Flat Rate Labor guide system does not contain a long list of standard pre-established equipment listings or repairs that may not apply to your business.

It is a template system that provides instructions on how to create and print your own flat rate guide by compiling the job listings specific to your business, and determining how to set your own pricing for repairs.



A Category Flat Rate Pricing System allows you to create and print your own customized flat rate price guide.

Category One jobs are the simplest repairs you do.

Category Two, Three, and Four jobs require a longer labor time to complete and are higher priced accordingly. In most cases, service companies use these categories for most all electrical, mechanical and air flow service procedures and reserve Category Five job listings for sealed system repairs.

The document template contains several pages for each category price listing you will determine. You may not use all the pages in the template if you can list all the jobs you do in one or two pages. Print only the pages to which you have added information.

The Category Flat Rate Labor Guide also includes information on how to calculate your cost of doing business in order to arrive establish a profitable rate for your service work.

Review the "Understanding Your Cost Of Doing Business and Determining Your Category Pricing" file that is included on the program.

Once you have completed your category price listings at the top of each page and entered the jobs you have determined are under each category, print these pages.

To use the Category Flat Rate Pricing System as a presentation tool while explaining your charges to your customer, slide the printed pages into a document protector (be sure to use a document protector that is totally clear so the pages will be easy to read) and insert the document protectors into a three-ring binder. Choosing a display type three-ring binder will allow you to insert a cover page showing your letterhead stationary.

Or, if you use a tablet in the field, the Category Flat Rate Labor Guide files that you create can be downloaded to your device for presentation to your customer.

To implement the Category Flat Rate Pricing System:

First, advise customers up front when they call for service and  inquire about pricing that you use a Service Call and Diagnostic Fee system.

Using the Category Flat Rate Pricing System In the Field:

Once the diagnosis has been accomplished, look up the specific job to be completed and show the customer the labor price for it.

Determine the cost of parts.

Add up the following costs to provide a total cost estimate:

1. Service call and diagnostic fee.

2. Flat rate labor price for the specific job.

3. Parts cost and any applicable taxes

After you have advised the customer of the total repair price, they will decide either to have their equipment repaired or replaced. If the customer decides to have the repair accomplished, you'll charge them the full amount of your repair fee once you complete the repair. If the customer elects not to go ahead with the repair, collect only your service call and diagnostic fee.

Features Of A Category Flat Rate Labor Guide

....The system allows you to print your own customized flat rate price guide.

....You determine your category pricing and which job fits into the categories

....Includes Information On How To Calculate Your Cost Of Doing Business and Setting Prices

....Includes Information On Sales Skills For Technicians

....Includes Information On How To Implement Flat Rate Pricing Into Your Business

....Using The Templates Is Easy, Requiring Only Microsoft Word

You Can Enter Any Equipment Listings On The Header of The Template Pages of The HVACR Category Flat Rate Labor Guide You Prefer, Such As:

Gas Furnaces, Electric Furnaces, Package Unit and Split System A/C’s, Heat Pumps, Walk-in Coolers and Freezers, Ice Machines, and Reach-In Refrigerators and Freezers.

You can also use the template system to add additional equipment pages if you choose.

If you currently own and operate an HVAC service business, or if you’re considering “going out on your own” as an independent, owning and operating your own heating & air conditioning repair company (technicians who service HVACR equipment and decide to go into business for themselves don’t fail because they lack technical skills to do the job right…it’s their limited business skills that present their biggest challenge), understanding and implementing a flat-rate pricing system is a key to your success. And the HVACR Category Flat Rate Guide is a simple, low-cost way for you to learn about flat-rate pricing systems.

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