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This business success package is designed to help you market and grow your business, sell more, increase your volume in both equipment sales and service revenue, and earn the profit you deserve as a professional HVAC sales and service provider.


HVAC Spells Wealth, by Ron Smith

Paperback, By Ron Smith. This is the most comprehensive and best selling “how to” book ever written in the HVAC industry. First released in late January, 2007 it has been sold to thousands of contractors, distributors, alliances, vendors, associations consolidators and manufacturers in many countries. With 316 pages including 41 exhibits it has significantly helped in building and managing highly successful residential retail HVAC businesses and in providing the knowledge, tools and inspiration for contractors to dominate their market. Plus, Ron shares many real life experiences.

The Audio CD Set: HVAC Spells Wealth

This 9 disc set by Ron Smith offers 10 hours and 27 minutes of information.

Now, you can listen to the most comprehensive and best selling “how-to” book ever released in the HVAC industry. If you already have the book this Audio CD version will remind you of all of the procedures, processes, systems, recruiting and hiring techniques, training, marketing, your portfolio of products and services, tons of information on all 13 steps to a complete sales program, pay plans, industry benchmarks or key performance indicators, organizational design, service agreements, calculating market share, forms and documents and much more.

HVAC Light Commercial Agreements Book

Paperback, by Ron Smith. The HVAC light commercial service agreement business presents an excellent opportunity for building, or expanding, a highly successful contracting company. Many contractors specialize in this one particular segment of the HVAC industry. There are even more contractors in the light commercial service agreement business as a portion of their company’s total diversified business.

This is a very comprehensive Guide of how to establish and manage the light commercial service agreement business including: sales lead sources, how to compensate sales reps, pricing strategy, job description for sales reps, management of sales reps, customer retention and renewals, service agreement benefits — customer, coworkers and company, a businesses’ worst fear and how to use it in sales, the landlord/tenant relationship, other sales as a result of service agreements, and lots more!

The HVAC Business Success Program - $200.00

This business success program provides you with a multiple-prong approach to succeeding in your HVAC business. It includes the best-selling ‘how-to’ book ever published in the HVAC industry HVAC Spells Wealth, along with the companion 9-disc audio CD set that provides over 10 hours of listening, as well as the HVAC Light Commercial Service Agreements book. This business success package also includes two e-books to help you build your business, “Service Management Excellence” and “PEAK Performance For The Technical Professional” , an additional $50.00 Value.

This is $265.00 worth of materials for $200.00.

The HVAC Business Success Program – $200.00 –

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And, also included is....

Jim Johnson's Audio Program, "Do Good Do Well" ( a $40.00 value, which is also available separately...see below) all designed to help you achieve the bottom line you are entitled to as a professional HVAC sales and service provider. Click below to purchase the HVAC Business Success Program....($265.00 worth of products at individual pricing) for a value price of $200.00.

A personal note from Jim Johnson to the technician-turned-owner on The HVAC Business Success Program... Sometimes we just have to face the truth. Just because we are a great technician who has decided to go it on our own doesn't mean we have the business skills necessary to succeed. We need to learn more about the business end of our business whether our objective is being a one-man shop forever, or we've decided that we're going to take the steps in hiring people and expanding our operation. And the way we learn more about business is to get our hands on information that provides business training: how-to on supervisory and leadership skills, ideas on how to advertise and market our business, and how to manage every aspect of our business so we can earn the net profit we are entitled to if we always, always, always do the right thing for our customers, co-workers and our company.



Do Good: Do Well

Prospering By Understanding That The Ten Commandments

Are Ten Steps To Success In Business 

Audio: Read by the Author - A 3 CD Set


Is your career giving you everything….and we mean everything you want? Is your business prospering and providing as it should for you and your family? If your answer to these questions is no, the powerful book Do Good Do Well: Prospering By Understanding The Ten Commandments...Ten Keys To Success In Business that explains how ancient words were supposed to have a positive direction and thrust, can be your key to a new level of business success.

Listen to it, then listen to it again, because Jim Johnson’s unique blend of business experience and spiritual understanding makes it all simple and straightforward. Jim is on a mission to reach people; to show them how to reconcile their spirituality, and understand that it can be the cornerstone of their success in business….and in life.

Table of Contents: Do Well - Prospering By Understanding the Ten Commandments
FORWARD: By Catherine Ponder
INTRODUCTION: By Reverend Larry A. Swartz
PROLOGUE: A Note From The Author
CHAPTER ONE: Peace, Happiness And Abundance Can Be Yours
CHAPTER TWO: It’s O.K. To Do Well While You’re Doing Good
CHAPTER THREE: Matching Things Inside And Out
CHAPTER FOUR: Using Affirmations Doesn’t Mean You’re A Space Cadet
CHAPTER FIVE: Business Wasn’t Meant To Be A Struggle
CHAPTER SIX: When You Put It Out There, It’s Going To Come Back
CHAPTER SEVEN: A Simple Approach To Fear And Self-esteem
CHAPTER EIGHT: If You Didn’t Earn It, It’s Not Yours
CHAPTER NINE: Everyone Has A Purpose In Life, And In Business
CHAPTER TEN: Stop Worrying About Somebody Else’s Bigger Office
APPENDIX: Tools For Success: Affirmations And Goal-setting
EPILOGUE: Another Note From The Author

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