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Do Good: Do Well – Audio

Do Good: Do Well - Prospering By Understanding The Ten Commandments Audio Read by the Author - 3 CD Set: $40.00

Is your career giving you everything….and we mean everything you want? Is your business prospering and providing as it should for you and your family? If your answer to these questions is no, the powerful book Do Good Do Well: Prospering By Understanding The Ten Commandments...Ten Keys To Success In Business that explains how ancient words were supposed to have a positive direction and thrust, can be your key to a new level of business success.

Listen to it, then listen to it again, because Jim Johnson’s unique blend of business experience and spiritual understanding makes it all simple and straightforward. Jim is on a mission to reach people; to show them how to reconcile their spirituality, and understand that it can be the cornerstone of their success in business….and in life.


Table of Contents: Do Well - Prospering By Understanding the Ten Commandments
FORWARD: By Catherine Ponder
INTRODUCTION: By Reverend Larry A. Swartz
PROLOGUE: A Note From The Author
CHAPTER ONE: Peace, Happiness And Abundance Can Be Yours
CHAPTER TWO: It’s O.K. To Do Well While You’re Doing Good
CHAPTER THREE: Matching Things Inside And Out
CHAPTER FOUR: Using Affirmations Doesn’t Mean You’re A Space Cadet
CHAPTER FIVE: Business Wasn’t Meant To Be A Struggle
CHAPTER SIX: When You Put It Out There, It’s Going To Come Back
CHAPTER SEVEN: A Simple Approach To Fear And Self-esteem
CHAPTER EIGHT: If You Didn’t Earn It, It’s Not Yours
CHAPTER NINE: Everyone Has A Purpose In Life, And In Business
CHAPTER TEN: Stop Worrying About Somebody Else’s Bigger Office
APPENDIX: Tools For Success: Affirmations And Goal-setting
EPILOGUE: Another Note From The Author
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