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Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead

Note….this weeks’ blog segment was prompted by a phone call from someone who was trying to find out if our HVACR training DVD’s would work for him.

“Be sure you’re right, then go ahead.” For those of you who are old enough to remember the Disney TV series, or if you have visited Tennessee and studied some of the history there, you may recall that this quote was from Davy Crockett, who was known as “The Frontier Statesman” historically, and “King of the Wild Frontier”  according to Disney. Either way, the point of his statement was that, in any situation in which you’re trying to accomplish something or decide about something, what it always boils down to it that it is really just as simple as, well, being sure you’re right, then going ahead.

Personally, I rather like that philosophy, and Davy Crockett’s quote.

And, in the event we get one of the above-mentioned phone calls, it’s the philosophy I explain to someone who has been on our site, read about (and viewed a sample of) our DVD’s on refrigeration and electrical system troubleshooting and servicing, and they’re still not sure whether or not out stuff is what they need in order to either learn how to enter the field as an HVACR technician, or improve on their skills if they are already working in the heating and air conditioning industry.

It’s a good question…..and a fair one. And, like I said, employing the Davy Crockett philosophy is the best way to arrive at a decision.  And the best way to answer that question is to consider 10 other questions….the questions I ask someone who is trying to find out if our stuff is what they need. Here they are:

1. Have you read, and do you understand the title or titles of the program(s) you’re considering purchasing?

2. Have you read, and do you understand the description(s) and the content of the title or titles of the program(s) you are considering purchasing?

3. Did you view the video sample from one of our programs, and do you understand that what this sample does is show and explain our overall philosophy of presenting information in all of our productions, and demonstrates the quality of all of our productions relative to lighting, digital filming and audio? (Perhaps the real question here is  ‘do you trust us enough to accept that this is a fair question in the first place?’….but, I”m getting off track with that thought)

4. Have you noted what the run time is of the program or programs you’re considering purchasing? (I have to admit I’m always curious about this question. From my perspective, if I can explain something to you in 20 minutes, I don’t see why I should stretch it out into 40 minutes in order to make it look like the informaition is more valuable by extending the time frame of the program. It’s not how long a program is that determines its value to you, it’s the information you get out of it.)

5. Have you looked closely at the pictures of the DVD’s themselves and noted the copyright date so you know how ‘old’ our stuff is? (This is another question that I’m curious about. If you read about our training videos, you understand that there’s a lot of information there that we could have done a production on 20 years ago, and it wouldn’t be much different than it is today. Fundamentals are fundamentals, and will always be fundamentals. And, since the fundamentals, along with general troubleshooting procedures, are what we teach, the copyright date doesn’t, or, to put it more precisely, shouldn’t matter.)

6. Are you aware of the price of each individual program, and/or the price of any package or bundle you are considering purchasing? (I can’t resist commenting on this…..I think the way one should look at the price spent on education is not to be as concerned with the dollar amount as much as what kind of return there will be on the investment in the education…..for example, while you may spend $30 on a particular DVD program, the real question to consider is how many times are you going to get that $30 back because you learned the correct way to troubleshoot or test a particular component, and can replace it quickly and correctly, and get paid for doing so without having to take an inordinate amount of time or have the job result in a callback?)

7. Do you understand that some of our programs come with self-print CD’s that allow you to print a copy of the wiring diagrams and other resource material we use in the production so you can follow along and do what we do, and that’s the extent of our ‘interactive’ approach, and that some of our programs don’t have self-print CD’s along with the DVD’s because we don’t think it’s necessary to have them for every topic that we teach?

8. Have you taken the time to read all the information on our Frequently Asked Questions page, and do you understand all the answers to the questions?

9. Have you read the comments we’ve received from customers our Testimonials page?

10. Do you believe we didn’t make up the stuff on our Testimonials page?

If the answer to the above ten questions is yes, then a person who is considering buying our stuff has all the information that is available regarding our DVD’s. That’s it. As they say, that’s all there is, ’cause there ain’t no more. There’s nothing else to know. There just isn’t.

And, if a person has all the information that is available to them, then they are in one of two situations…..either they’re sure our stuff is for them, or they aren’t.

If they aren’t sure, perhaps it’s because they’re not really sure what they want. Maybe they know they need something, but they don’t know what it is. Or maybe what they’re really looking for is specific troubleshooting procedures regarding certain pieces of equipment, and they don’t realize that the information they need is only available from the manufacturer of the equipment. Whatever the reason for the uncertainty, it’s there. And if there’s any uncertainty there, then my recommendation would be to keep looking.

However, if the answer to all of the above questions is yes, and a person is sure that they can benefit from our stuff, then my recommendation is to do as Davy Crockett said, and go ahead.

Until next week…

Learn from yesterday…..Live for today……Look forward to tomorrow.