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An open letter to those seeking to improve their skills. . . .

Hello, my name is Jim Johnson, and I want to introduce you to a unique program for appliance technicians.

I’ve combined my many years of experience as a technician, service company owner/operator, full-time instructor and community college administrator to develop a down-to-earth correspondence course in appliance service. I don’t mean to say that everything every technician needs to know is in the course. Those of us with experience in the appliance business know that would be impossible to create and provide. What the course does provide is a solid foundation that will give you an opportunity to build your skills as an appliance service professional and earn a certificate of completion from Technical Training Associates, a quality training organization that’s been offering adult education programs in partnership with the community college system since 1985.

The course is designed and delivered to you in a way that helps you succeed. That doesn’t mean that the program is easy and you can “slide” through. I wouldn’t be doing you any favors if I designed a program everybody could accomplish without effort. I’m very stubborn about that. When you hang your certificate of completion on the wall, you want to know that the institution granting it has high standards and wants to maintain credibility so your certificate is worth something. We’ll test your mettle, to be sure, but we’ll also be with you every step of the way until you complete all 5 program modules. Another thing I’m stubborn about is requiring all our program participants, no matter how long they’ve been in the business, to complete all modules in the same sequence as someone new to the appliance industry. We only grant certificates to technicians who successfully complete our entire program.

I also think it’s important that you understand our basic philosophy of doing business. It’s simple… We don’t believe in long-term binding agreements that lock you into a program. We also don’t believe in deadlines, complicated paperwork or hidden charges, (all our prices are clearly outlined on the fee schedule on the last page of this brochure so you can easily calculate your total investment in your professional growth) and we believe in taking a no-frills, no-nonsense approach in order to keep costs down.


Jim Johnson