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HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: Electricity & Wiring Diagrams Training Package

For HVACR Educators, Service Managers and Lead Technicians

This Technician Training Package Contains:

A 380-Page Student Text With Workbook Pages 

An Instructor Guide With Workbook Page Answers

A PowerPoint Detailing Troubleshooting Situations

Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians Video

Proper Use Of Test Instruments Video

A Step-By-Step Facilitator Guide

An End-of-Course Exam

“HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: Electricity & Wiring Diagrams” Student Text, Instructor Guide With Workbook Answers (Both Hard Copy and PowerPoint)

“HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: 15 Electrical Troubleshooting Scenarios PowerPoint” With Detailed Solutions and Explanations

“Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians”

A Two-Hour Video Program That Covers The Fundamentals of Electricity and Explains Schematic Diagrams  Step-By Step 



“Proper Use of Test Instruments and Service Equipment: Using Analog & Digital Meters” A 60-Minute Program That Explains Test Instrument Use From A Variety Of Manufacturers




The Facilitator Guide in this package provides a step-by-step plan for 12 training sessions, including reading and workbook assignments and implementing PowerPoint presentations.

There is also a multiple-choice end-of-course exam.

Package Pricing Information

Regular Retail If Purchased Individually

HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals Electricity & Wiring Diagrams – Instructor Package$125.00
HVACR Troubleshooting Fundamentals: 15 Electrical Troubleshooting Scenarios PowerPoint$25.00
Electrical Fundamentals For HVACR Technicians Video Training
Proper Use of Test Instruments & Service Equipment:
Using Analog and Digital Meters Video Training Program

Your Money-Saving Package Price: $215.00

Shipping :

Technical Training Associates (TTA) is an independent training firm founded by Jim and Peggy Johnson in 1985.  We specialize in providing hands-on facility maintenance training in the areas of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVACR), appliance service, electrical wiring, plumbing, and building maintenance workshops throughout the United States.  We also develop and produce training videos for technicians.

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If you’re interested in training videos you can see a couple samples here on our site.

One shows our approach to explaining fundamental concepts (in this case how a transformer works) and the other illustrates a step-by-step approach to learning how to troubleshoot a specific problem.

If you need more information about us, feel free to call us at our office phone, 520-625-6847, or directly to Jim at 520-907-4867 (if he's not facilitating a training session, or shooting a video, or out of range on the road somewhere, he'll be available when you call), or you can send him an e-mail.

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